Gov DeSantis is Pro-Business

Sunshine State is Open for Business



Florida’s signal is loud and clear: we’re here to do business.

If the policies of Gov. DeSantis are to be examined, the results coming out of the state show that they are working. Florida is an optimistic sign that the country’s economy can do much better in general. According to the press release by DeSantis, Florida registed 84,000 new jobs in September compared to the total of 194,000 jobs created in the entire country. In the same month, the state’s economy grew three times faster than the country’s pace of growth.

In contrast, the advance estimates by the Bureau of Economic Analysis released Thursday showed a 2% growth for the US economy for the third quarter. The US economy was forecasted to grow 2.7% this quarter.

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Just to see how Florida is doing compared to other states, just look at Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis’ confidence level in luring businesses.

In a recent tweet, the CFO tried to lure the restaurant chain In-N’-Out after reports that its second branch has been ordered for closure by the local government in California.

Walt Disney, Tesla, SpaceX, and Oracle are some of the few big companies to make an investment splash in the Florida job market by building an HQ or major hub.

Resisting Vaccine Mandates

In-N’-Out has taken a valiant stand against the vaccine mandates in California. The West Coast based restaurant chain has defied government orders throughout its branches by allowing non-vaccinated guests.

After reports of the visitors as cited by the local government, the restaurant chain has refused to check vaccination status of its guests before entry in its Pleasant Hill branch. This has led the local government to order its closure after several notices.

Its San Francisco branch has reopened for drive-thru after closure, but its Pleasant Hill branch is closed for both drive-thru and dine-in.

Vaccines Over Business Policies?

If governments are to take a cure from Florida, it is that there are much more opportunity being lost for mandating vaccines than the benefit of closing them down or enforcing compliance.

Moreover, Florida is already leading the country in the lowest Covid rate, while its businesses are reopening. It would be good for other states to learn from DeSantis as well.

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If our good friend @JimmyPatronis is listening ... About your effort to bring In-N-Out to Florida ... I AM BEHIND YOU 100% MAKE IT SO. #FlaPol

Come to Florida! Lets go @RonDeSantisFL @JimmyPatronis I will go there tomorrow. Miss these West coast wonder burgers. 🙂 @inandoutburger you need the Sunshine State. Thx @TDOnline

Lunch today at @innoutburger in Stafford, TX. Food and hospitality just like in San Diego. Great!! Would be great in Florida, too!! What do you think @JimmyPatronis and @ChristinaPushaw ?!?! #LoveFl #InNOutBurger

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