Twitter’s ‘Delete’ and ‘Block’ Button Give CRT Proponent a Lifeline

Debunking White Privilege The logic of being self-critical has come to an absurd point. Ibram X. Kendi, author of bestselling book, “How to be an Anti Racist” was caught at the crosshairs of his own arguments. On Friday, he shared an article from The Hill which reported that more than 30% of white college applicants […]

Ghanaian-Canadian Writer Exposes Ibram Kendi as False Prophet

Slow to Write Samuel Sey is a writer who started his blog ‘Slow to Write’ 5 years ago. He is a Ghanian-Canadian who grew up fatherless but overcame these struggles. A college drop-out, he is a poignant writer with a deep Christian insight. He has been featured in The Daily Wire, The Christian Post,, […]

A Nod to Natural Immunity? Study Suggests Individual Factors to Covid Infection

Research on Coronavirus Transmission A team of researchers from the UK recently studied how fully vaccinated individuals transmit the coronavirus compared to unvaccinated individuals. The study shows similarity when it comes to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in terms of peak viral load. The study was published on the Lancet Infectious Diseases on October 29. You […]

Actor Kal Penn Comes Out As Gay And He Is Getting Married

Josh, his long-term partner, is getting ready to marry him. Kal Penn has confessed that he is gay in the most unexpected manner, revealing his sexuality in his upcoming memoir, “You Can’t Be Serious,” which also discloses that he is engaged to be married. “I’ve always been very public with everybody I’ve personally interacted with. […]

Jon Bon Jovi Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

He abruptly canceled a scheduled appearance in Miami Beach, Florida. Jon Bon Jovi tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday, just hours before his scheduled concert in Miami Beach, Florida. A spokesman for the 59-year-old artist disclosed to PEOPLE that he is “completely vaccinated and feeling fine.” According to local NBC station WSVN, the musician was […]

Miss America Winner Turned Actress, Jo-Carroll Dennison, Passed Away

She was 97 years old at the time. Jo-Carroll Dennison, who turned her Miss America triumph in 1942 into a successful acting career that included roles in films such as Winged Victory and The Jolson Story, has died at her home in Idyllwild, California and her death was confirmed by her son, Peter Stoneham, who […]