Twitter’s ‘Delete’ and ‘Block’ Button Give CRT Proponent a Lifeline


Debunking White Privilege

The logic of being self-critical has come to an absurd point. Ibram X. Kendi, author of bestselling book, “How to be an Anti Racist” was caught at the crosshairs of his own arguments.

On Friday, he shared an article from The Hill which reported that more than 30% of white college applicants falsely misrepresent their race in their college application. 77% of those applicants ended up getting accepted. 

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According to the report, 50% of the students did so in order to get minority-focused financial aid. It was estimated that 81% of those who lied believed it increased their chances of getting accepted.

Ibram X Kendi's deleted tweet

If we interpret this data, white privilege is shown to be a disadvantage for college applicants. This means that around one-fifths of white background who get accepted into college did so because they pretended to be Black, Latino, or Asian.

This logic seemed to have gone past Ibram, but later he realized it and deleted the tweet.

Revisiting Logic

He must be glad there is a delete button in Twitter to delete his tweet, otherwise he would have ended up cancelling himself. At best, it’s an own goal. No complaints on that one. 

But why would he post something and ended up deleting it? Why contradict himself?

The reason is that Critical Race Theory is a false ideology and has no basis. He contradicted himself because he will end up contradicting himself anyway, and it just showed up in possibly an embarrassing manner.

The only line of reasoning possible for posting it is to falsely assume that white people can lie and get away with it. This is not a real argument, though. Because firstly, not everyone who lied got accepted. Secondly, the reason for lying was to gain acceptance as a minority. Thirdly, he backtracked. 

The truth is, a lot of people lie, and do get away with it. We do not need a bestselling book written by him to explain that.

What, then? Is he projecting his own falsehood to others? We do not know. But the truth is, he worked with Boston Unversity to create the ‘Center for Antiracist Research’ from the USD 10 Million grant of Jack Dorsey Center. That is a point of concern.

It's Good to be Color Blind

Fallacious thinking can do a lot of damage. This is just one article. How many articles does he interpret this way?

Or, rather, how many articles were written about him? He was celebrated by Time Magazine as one of its most influential in 2020. That says a lot about how low we’ve taken this charade.

What is most concerning, though, is that he is a history professor. How would he view his students in light of this grave bias? Provided that some of the white students in college indeed, lied to pass the admission test, what stops him from looking down from his ivory tower and calling those who are not the same color as him as a lesser race?

Common sense dictates that we should be color blind. That’s how equality and justice came to be in society, and not by being preferentially dictatorial by the color of our skin. Perhaps Professor Ibram can do himself a favor and take a more candid look at his worldview to see the pernicious errors therein.

Reactions to Ibram's Deleted Tweet

Race activist Ibram Kendi tweeted out a report claiming high numbers of white students falsely identify as people of color to reap benefits. He deleted the tweet after realizing it didn’t advance his argument that whites are privileged in every way.

Critical Race Guru Ibram Kendi Deletes Tweet That Disproved His Life's Work On 'White Privilege

If Twitter really wants to be seen as legitimate, it needs to start cleaning itself up. And that cleanup starts with people like Ibram Kendi that act in bad faith and on purpose to spread discontent and lies.

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