Vax Mandates Take Effect in NY, Thousands Put on Leave

NY City Moving Ahead with Mandates Vaccine mandates have been causing a stir in the government workforce of New York city. While majority of the 300,000 + workforce getting the jab, there are those who refuse the jab out of choice or religious exemption. So far, the option for those who resist the jab is […]

“Garfield” Will Be Voiced By Chris Pratt In A New Animated Film

Chris Pratt As Lasagna-Loving Cat Garfield

This is not new to the actor as he had done voice work before but this one is a huge role. Chris Pratt is scheduled to voice the iconic lasagna-loving cat, “Garfield,” in a new animated feature film, as per The Hollywood Reporter. Bill Murray’s portrayal of Garfield in Garfield: The Movie and Garfield: A […]