Texas Gov. Abbot Offers Help to Ease Supply Chain Problems


Southern States Step Up on Supply Chain Crises

After Florida, Texas is now the second state to offer help for stranded ships and open up their ports to logistics companies. Florida’s ports are already back to pre-pandemic operations, with 8 ports capable of handling container ships.

According to Texas Gov. Abbott, the ships waiting for berthing or unloading in California can go through Panama Canal and unload at Houston port.

On Friday, according to Marine Exchange of California Facebook post, there are a total of 153 ships inport at Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach. 105 are container ships and around 50 other types of vessels. All are either parked, ‘loitering’ or berthing at the ports.

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Since July, the two California ports have seen record increases in ships waiting inport due to a variety of logistics issues. Both ports account for 40% of imports coming to the country and 30% of exports sold to other countries.

An estimated 500,000 containers are aboard those container ships at the moment, according to MSN.

Not Getting Enough Trucks and Warehouses

The root of the problem may be beyond what money can address right now, despite the PR of Buttigieg about investments from the infrastructure bill. According to a CNN report, trucking companies have increased wages since 2018, yet are seeing a decline in employees and man-hours.

Some truckers retire early as well, while many are choosing to stay at home more with family. Meanwhile, the 24/7 promise of Biden might not be fulfilled, as 3 am to 8 am windows are not being utilized by cargo owners who are lacking in drivers.

The shortage is also federal and driver-related. Since 2020, 54,000 drivers have been barred from driving by a new federal clearinghouse. These are drivers who have failed drug tests, or have DUI or substance abuse on record. Meanwhile, American Trucking Association have voiced their desire to see the government allow 18 to 21-year olds to drive trucks.

Transport Secretary Focusing on… Child care?

Recently on Twitter, Sec. Buttigieg posted asking about his followers’ thoughts on childcare. However, this seems far-off from what his role is about: transportation.

Given that he has spent time with family and his adopted kid was also hospitalized, we can leave room for some understanding. But, his solutions offered during press interviews seem disparate. From his explanations about increasing demand, to investment in infrastructure, to touting the infrastructure bill of Biden are all lost to what is happening on the ground.

Hopefully, the Texas and Florida ports can decongest the supply chain and coordinate with their counterparts in California to work on the problem together.

Reactions to Supply Chain

Can we maybe focus on fixing the supply chain?

While Dept of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says nothing can be done~🤔 Texas and Florida proves him wrong..

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