Virginia Votes Red


Youngkin Wins Virginia Race

Virginia has decided in favor of the red wave. Glenn Youngkin was ahead by 100,000 when the 3.1 million votes were counted at 96%.

Virginia has turned ‘blue’ in recent years, giving up majority in the state legislature and 3 congressional seats. This has changed in this election, with GOP claiming 5 seats from Democrats in today’s election. This victory balances the 10 seat gap won by Democrats last year. 

Youngkin is also the 28th republican governor out of the 50 states of the country. According to voter results per county posted by NPR, many of the populous counties either voted blue or was a close race, but the rest of the counties showed up for a landslide for Youngkin.

This election victory might be a significant indicator for the 2022 midterm elections. Next year, 36 gubernatorial elections will be held while Congress’ balance of power is up for a challenge for the rest of the country.

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From Obscurity

The former private equity CEO was only known to insiders until he started campaigning in January. He worked for 25 years at Carlyle Group until he retired in September 2020 from his role.

Youngkin also spent USD 20 million of his own money during the election, which helped on his campaign trail. One of his main platforms is his defense of parents who have been concerned about legislation on critical race theory and transgenderism in public schools.

Without the baggage of traditional politics, he clearly engaged with his voters with a clear voice. His main concern coming forward will be Democrat Senators who hold a 21-19 advantage in the Senate. This advantage will be up for a challenge on next year’s elections.

Critical Race Theory

At the end of the campaigning, his closing speech focused on the division that critical race theory will cause in schools and children. “To teach our children to divide everyone through a lens of race, and call one group ‘oppressors’ and one group ‘victims’ and pit them against one another is not right,” he said.

Reactions to Virginia Elections

Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia performance is setting off shockwaves across America. The mom revolution is real. 2022 is going to be a red wave the likes of which we haven’t seen since 1994. Look out, wokesters, you’re about to get your ass kicked by every pronoun.

Glenn Youngkin made critical race theory the closing argument to his campaign and dominated in blue Virginia. We are building the most sophisticated political movement in America—and we have just begun.

Youngkin would have lost by ten points if he’d remained in the mode of a cookie cutter Republican. Instead he embraced the culture war, started talking about issues people actually care about, and everything changed.

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