Commercial Truck Driver Wins New Jersey Senate Seat


$153 beats Big Money

Edward Durr, a truck driver for 25 years decided to run for Senate with $153 of his own money, winning the New Jersey Senate seat and beating the Democrat incumbent. He spent the $67 to buy Dunkin Donuts for his staff.

In his campaign, he raised around $10,000 by making calls, going house to house and meeting people every day in the streets.

Steve Sweeney, whom he has dislodged from the New Jersey Senate by over 2,000 votes, has served the state since 2002. He is the incumbent State Senate President and is reported to be a possible 2025 governor candidate.

In his Fox News interview, Edward Durr said that “This was the people’s voice being made heard clear and through, all through New Jersey.”

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Blue Collar Platform

In his campaign video, he addressed the issues facing his state from closed businesses, death toll in nursing homes due to Covid-19, and citizens moving out of the state. He has lived in New Jersey all his life and criticized the response of Sweeney especially during the pandemic.

When asked by Fox News anchor Rachel Campos Duffy on what he will do first as an elected official, he replied, “That’s the key factor. I don’t know what I don’t know. So, I will learn what I need to know.” He added that, “I’m going to guarantee you one thing. I will be the voice, and people will hear me … If there’s one thing people will learn about me, I got a big mouth, and I don’t shut up when I want to be heard.”

With the recent Republican victories in Virginia, this win only adds to the growing sentiment that socialist policies are facing backlash from citizens.

Reactions to Ed's Victory

yfw you take down the most powerful person in New Jersey politics with <$200 in campaign spending and next to no profile. i'll be incredibly proud to call Edward Durr my State Senator.

Dems: “The evil GOP only wins because of millions in dark money!!” Edward Durr: “I spent $150, and didn’t campaign.”

Edward Durr is basically one of these guys

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