Outgoing NJ Senator Sweeney Concedes: ‘I, of course, accept the results’


Sweeney Concedes

The outgoing Democrat Senator of New Jersey’s third legislative district conceded the election to Senator-elect Edward Durr.

After a surprising loss by about 2,000 votes, Steve Sweeney wanted all votes to get counted to make sure of the results. On his Wednesday speech at the statehouse complex, he was humble to admit the outcome, and then congratulated Edward Durr.

“I, of course, accept the results. I want to congratulate Mr. Durr and wish him the best of luck,” he said.

Sweeney had served the state for more than two decades. He was elected as Senator in 2001 and had held the position of Senate President since 2010.

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Red Wave

“It was a red wave,” Sweeney said.

According to Associated Press, Sweeney’s speech was ‘unusually formal’. He took few questions from the media.

For Edward Durr, his win was a result of the voters’ deciding against mask mandates and lockdowns set by Gov. Murphy. “’The voters have spoken,” Durr said. “They don’t want government rule by a dangerous guy armed with a bunch of executive orders.”

Ed Durr

For the incoming Senator, it’s all new and he’s ready to learn.

“I feel like I’m about to throw up,” Ed Durr said in a news conference after Sweeney’s speech. When asked about the learning curve, “This is all new to me. It’s all overwhelming, but I am very happy that the voters selected me. I’m going to earn that vote and I’m going to prove them right.”

Edward Durr spent $2,300 on his campaign, according to New York Post’s information from state Election Law Enforcement Commission filing.

He personally shelled out $153, and he ran the rest of the campaign on social media and by going door-to-door.

Asked about his outspoken tweets, “I’m clearly not going to be responding irrationally,” he said. “First off, I think I’ve grown as a person.” He shared, “You get behind the keyboard, you don’t see a person and you don’t consider the other person,” Durr said. “I just wrote something that I don’t mean to offend anybody.”

Reactions to Ed Durr's Victory

BREAKING NEWS.🚨 Longtime NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney has *CONCEDED* his race to conservative truck driver Edward Durr, who famously began his race with $153

🎉🎉Edward Durr.🎉🎉Victory Final as #NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney Concedes Loss #NewJersey 👇👇

BREAKING— David slew Goliath! Steve Sweeney who spent $24M in prior State Senate races, raised nearly $1M in one night & who is one of the most powerful Democrats in #NJ has conceded to Ed Durr, a Pro Life Conservative truck driver who beat the establishment machine with $10,000

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