Fidelis ad Mortem – Pledge Fulfilled for NYPD Heroes


NYPD Memorial

The sacrifice made by NYPD officers in 9/11 continues to be recognized. On November 15, 28 more names were added to the NYPD Hall of Heroes to honor those who succumbed to the illnesses which they contracted during the recovery effort following September 11, 2001.

In 2020, these officers succumed to various illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, or cancer which they contracted related to the efforts post 9/11.

This year, in the 20th year anniversary of 9/11, the number of officers who died post 9/11 (more than 290) has reached more than 12 times the number of those who died during the WTC attack (23).

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Honoring the Fallen

‘Fidelis ad Mortem’ is a latin phrase which means, ‘faithful until the death’. NYPD uses this phrase when an officer has reached the end of his duty. The NYPD heroes who were honored in the November 15 memorial lived up to such a pledge.

According to a post by amNY, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea shares, ““We honor far too many men and women who answered the call in our nation’s darkest time. They along with other first responders do what is second nature to them and run into danger. People needed help, there really wasn’t much else they needed to know. The toll that day has now surpassed 290.”

A Memory of Heroism

The event was a tearful memorial for many of those left behind. Many officers offered flowers, boquets, and floral wreaths while the plaque was being unveilied. The names of the fallen were recited as those left behind grieved in sadness.

The memorial wall can be found in the main lobby of the NYPD Headquarters. The memorial is dedicated to NYPD officers whose lives were lost in the line of duty, while the November 15 event focused on those who contracted illnesses in the 9/11 recovery effort.

Reactions to NYPD Memorial

Today, the names of 28 fallen Finest will be added to the Hall of Heroes in a ceremony at NYPD Headquarters. As the names are unveiled, cops and the loved ones tragically left behind renew a solemn vow to #NeverForget. Join us live here at 11am.

Today we honor the fallen as we sadly add 28 more names to the NYPD Memorial Wall during the Hall of Heroes Memorial Ceremony. 🙏🏽


Board Officers were honored to join the families of our fallen heroes today as we unveiled 28 names that are now etched in the Hall of Heroes at NYPD HQ. The DEA will forever support the loved ones of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. #NeverForget

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