John Mayer Responds To A Hateful Message From Taylor Swift’s Fan


Taylor Swift's exes are making headlines once more when she re-releases her past albums which feature multiple breakup songs and John Mayer is one of them.

Following the release of a short video for the longer version of Taylor Swift’s song “All Too Well,” which is said to be about her ex Jake Gyllenhaal, it appears that some fans of the pop star take this opportunity to send Mayer threatening notes due to their previous connection.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Between 2009 and 2010, Mayer had a brief relationship with Taylor. He was 32 years old, and she was just 19 years old. He is said to be the topic of her song “Dear John,” which she released in 2010.

A username @hoeforlouaylor DMed Mayer with an ill message on Instagram writing, “F–k yourself you ugly bitch I hope you choke on something <3”

It’s obvious that she wasn’t satisfied with her earlier message, so she wrote another one, saying, “answer me you bitch,” to which Mayer opted to respond.

“It’s John. I’ve been getting so many messages like these the past couple of days, I decided to chose your message at random to reply to,” Mayer replied back. “You can feel free to screen shot, share in any way you like if you want,” he continued. “I’m not upset, I just tend to have a curious mind and feel compelled to ask. Do you really hope that I die?”

According to the report of US Weekly, the social media user claims she sent John voice recordings apologizing for her cruel behavior in following conversations saying, “My friend literally dared me to do that.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“She’s a Taylor fan and like so am I. It was a dare. I’m sorry. I did not expect you to see,” and added that she apologized because she “wasn’t trying to get sued.”

Mayer reassured her that everything was OK, but wasn’t satisfied with that, so he messaged the user again saying, “So it’s a fun thing people are doing without taking into account that I might see it and be affected by it?” and later concluded, “It’s 100 percent OK. Go forth and live happy and healthy!”

As his ex-girlfriend prepares to rerelease Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), which contains their breakup song Dear John, Mayer is expected to get a barrage of similar messages in the coming weeks.

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I love you so fvcking much @JohnMayer tysm for letting me know I stan the right person 😭

he’s anti-black fuck u mean like

taylor swift fans are bunch of losers i cant stand them harrasing people anymore. “i didnt expect him to see my message” how's that a valid reason to send someone death threats? john mayer, you're a good man. the media condone this by joining the “bully jake gyllenhaal trend”

swifties and taylor aside. john mayer is not a good man. idc

once again john mayer abuses women so i literally pray nightly for him to d**

I hope that fans see that Taylor's relationship is her own and while they don't have to like her exes, they don't have a free pass on sending them hate and d*eath threats.

he’s literally a racist why should we feel bad

always "i'm a minor" after doing some stupid shit 😭😭

If you’re grown enough to send death threats, you’re grown enough to take a hit and get sh*t on for your actions.

im sorry but she and her fans all behave like a bunch of unhinged 15 yr olds .. very weird behaviour all around

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