Trey Songz Alleged Sexual Assault In Vegas

Trey Songz Is Being Investigated In Las Vegas For Alleged Sexual Assault


It was said that the singer is cooperating with the investigation and no arrest have been made yet.

Trey Songz is allegedly being investigated for sexual assault in Las Vegas where he was over the weekend to celebrate his birthday. According to reports gathered by TMZ, the specific date of the alleged incident is unclear, but the police complaint was made on Sunday.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Tremaine Neverson, better known as Trey Songz, was in town to commemorate his 37th birthday, which he celebrated at Drai’s Nightclub on Saturday night. According to a Cosmo insider, Trey and his entourage returned to the hotel from the club with a bunch of girls, and that’s when things reportedly went wrong.

Following a gig in Detroit in December 2016, the singer was arrested and charged with felony assault of a police officer and misdemeanor aggravated assault for assaulting a photographer.

Neverson was also accused of sexually assaulting a lady at a Miami nightclub in 2018. She filed a lawsuit for $10 million in damages.

He was sued for alleged violence of a Hollywood bartender in a new lawsuit in 2019 as well. Songz was at the venue for Cardi B’s Fashion Nova party when he climbed on top of the bar to observe a live performance. Songz was reportedly asked to leave the pub since it was against the venue’s regulations but the plea was apparently not well received by the “Bottoms Up” singer.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Songz allegedly punched the bartender in the face with a closed fist. According to the lawsuit, after the punch, the musician turned around to watch the concert and peered at the other bartenders.

In addition, Trey Songz was recently detained in Kansas City, Missouri, after a confrontation with a police officer during a conference championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. Trespassing, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer were all charges against Neverson.

When requested for comment by several news sites, Trey Songz’s representative has yet to respond.

Reactions to Trey Songz Alleged Sexual Assault In Vegas

Trey Songz got more allegations than albums

Trey Songz is a documented serial predator & yet it always finds some way to be swept under the rug after a while. It’s crazy

There’s literally no reason why anyone should be loving or supporting Trey Songz. This man has had so many sexual assault allegations & documented creepy behavior. Supporting him at this point means you’re absolving all of that.

You know we only read, “Trey Songz is the subject,” and immediately guessed the rest of the headline...

Trey Songz under investigation for ANOTHER sexual assault??? Gotdamn smh

*Trigger warning* This like the 4th or 5th time trey songz under investigation for Sexual Assault so hold off on them “happy bday” post

I saw Trey Songz trending & I knew it was something awful before I clicked..

How many times do women have to tell y’all about Trey songz?!!! Like why are we letting him slide?

This is like the 4th time. Lock him up.

Oh wow I’ve lost count at this point. He is a predator

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