Lady Gaga's First Acting Award

Lady Gaga Wins First Acting Award For “House of Gucci”


The awards received at the NYFCC are considered a key stepping stone to the Oscar race.

A committee of critics from daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, magazines, and qualified online general-interest media choose the winners of the New York Film Critics Circle’s 2020 awards and the winners have been announced.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Lady Gaga took up the award for Best Actress on Friday for her portrayal in “House of Gucci,” beating out Kristen Stewart, Rachel Zegler, and Frances McDormand. “BEST ACTRESS: Lady Gaga for ‘House of Gucci’ #NYFCC,” the p. r. firm Falco Ink tweeted.

Her portrayal in Scott’s film of the much-discussed ’90s case has been critically panned and praised, particularly her attempt at an Italian accent (along with her other co-stars).

“It sounds more Russian than Italian,” according to Salma Hayek’s accent coach for the film. “I feel bad saying this, but her accent is not exactly an Italian accent,” Hayek’s coach, Francesca De Martini, told the Daily Beast in November.

Patrizia Reggiani, Lady Gaga’s character in House of Gucci, is notable for two reasons. She was married to Maurizio Gucci, the company’s founder Guccio Gucci’s grandson, and was found guilty of assassinating the fashion heir in 1995.
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The “Born This Way” singer revealed she spent months researching Reggiani for director Ridley Scott’s upcoming film to prepare for the part.

“I had to decide as an actress, ‘Did she have the murder gene? Was she born a killer?’ And I don’t believe she was,” Gaga disclose to NPR Morning Edition. “I think that it was these trigger points of trauma throughout her life that turned her into what she became, which was a monster.”

She also described her role in “House of Gucci,” from her accent to how the job came to her at a moment of crisis in her own life, “Patricia was with me every day on set, and I spoke in my accent all the time and I don’t speak fluent Italian. I speak some Italian. The Italian that I do speak, I speak in my own accent.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“I’ve known Donatella Versace for years, so I can speak sometimes like Donatella. So in a way, I took my time to erase the things that I do so that I could study the way that she talked, so that it would be authentic and real and and specific. So when she’s younger, you’ll notice her voice is higher, and then later in the film, her voice is lower. So there was a real sort of scientific way that I approached that,” she continued.

“And because I’m a singer — vowel sounds and consonants, all sorts of things — you learn how to do things with your mouth. So I studied in a very particular way, but a lot of it was just the time and the focus and the dedication and living in it.”

Reactions to Lady Gaga's First Acting Award

lady gaga getting best actress at NYFCC absolutely fucking rocks she should win the oscar i s2g

Best Actress at the #NYFCC Awards and more to come! Lady Gaga is the moment!


Lady Gaga best actress for a reason #HouseOfGucci

lady gaga in a span of one week - earned FIVE GRAMMY noms including ALBUM OF THE YEAR - bb year end #1 edm artist - house of gucci #1 at the box office and highest grossing drama since 2019 - earned two BEST ACTRESS NOMINATIONS - WON MAJOR BEST ACTRESS AWARD

Pretentious movies fans upset Lady Gaga is winning Best Actress awards

goodmorning to Lady Gaga, best actress looks SO good on you


We can officially say Lady Gaga is a Best Actress award winner for House of Gucci

Lady Gaga is the first musician in history to be awarded New York Film Critics Circle Best Actress.

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