Cardi B And Cuban Doll Are At Odds Once Again

Cardi B And Cuban Doll Arguing Over Offset’s Alleged Attempted Cheating Once Again


Who said the feud was ever resolved in the first place?

Cardi B and Cuban Doll are at odds once again, this time over a supposed romance that Offset was attempting to stage years ago, and CD is convinced that he was after her.
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Cardi’s online war of words looks to have started with would-be subs Cuban tossed her way, at least that’s how CB took it, because she retaliated with extra ammunition right away. Cardi has the proof, despite the fact that several of Cuban’s tweets have since been deleted.

This all started, according to Cardi, when Cuban tweeted on Saturday, “I pray a man don’t marry me just to cheat on me … that’s next level OD DISRESPECT.”

Cardi reportedly responded, causing Cuban to become enraged. Cardi reciprocated with a same response.
That’s when things start to get interesting for Cuban because she appears to change her tale about what happened in 2018, when Offset was supposedly contacting Cuban’s friend to ask for a three-way with all of them.

Cuban claims Offset was attempting to “f*** me.” Unlike what she said at the time, when she denied ever meeting him and knowing anything about the incident.

While Cardi slammed her with DMs at the time, in which she denied any knowledge of the situation, Cuban claimed she’d been paid off to conceal Offset’s disaster.

Cardi retaliated by writing, “First you said the girl was no longer ya friend, then it turned to he was fuckin her, now it’s he was trying to fuck with you? You can’t even keep up with ya own lies. Show me the receipts. You started this yet asking me what does it prove? Honey you need this moment not me.”

In the end, it’s possible that Cardi misinterpreted the situation. The back-and-forth finished with Cuban saying, “You can’t get mad I said I don’t listen to your music !? Bitch it’s been years the husband tweet was not bout u! It’s just got that’s made u mad girl bye your weird.”

Cardi and Offset had a short breakup due to the alleged philandering, but they eventually reconciled, married, and had more children. TMZ was the first to report on this story.

Reactions to Cardi B And Cuban Doll Are At Odds Once Again

Open my tl to see cardi b and cuban doll dragging each other

cardi b really going off on social media over her man that cheated many times but yet cuban doll is the issue she wants to bark and bite at ???


Cuban Doll and Cardi B beefin on Twitter Me:

me looking at the cardi b x cuban doll beef

Offset in the other room while Cardi B is arguing with Cuban Doll on here 😂

What’s crazy about all of this mess is that tomorrow Cardi will still be the Grammy winning, multimillionaire Cardi B and Cuban doll will go back to being a groupie begging for a feature 😩

cuban doll can do WAP but cardi b cannot do let it blow🤷

i would tell cardi & cuban to take this shit to the booth, but i forgot these bitches don’t know how to rap.

Cardi’s stuck on stupid rn she wasn’t expecting Cuban to bring that up I’m crying watch her take the unbothered route now

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