How Did Kathryn Dennis Lose Weight? Her Rigorous Exercise and Diet

Kathryn Dennis

She had amassed a great deal of both fame and rumors about her weight loss in a short span of time.

Kathryn Dennis is a well-known model and reality television personality who rose to prominence after appearing on the Bravo reality television series “Southern Charm,” since 2013. 

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Moreover, she has been one of the most talked-about cast members in recent seasons. Off-screen, Kathryn is noted for her great beauty and stunning form, which are shown prominently in many of the show’s episodes.

However, the reality star’s life wasn’t always like this, as she, like all other television stars, has lost weight and made the front pages of many publications and news websites. Nonetheless, she is unafraid of the methods, strategies, and processes she used to get her current weight and physique.

The first time people noticed Kathryn Dennis had lost weight, they suspected drugs.

Fans became concerned when they noticed she had lost weight in one of the season 7 episodes and speculated that it might be due to drug usage on social media. 

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

They were even more disturbed when they learned Kathryn had gone to rehab in 2016 after failing a drug test. Even her former boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel, suspected her of doing drugs and drinking alcohol while pregnant with their child.

It’s a good thing that Kathryn cleared the air and stated that she did not use drugs to change her physique or lose weight. Immediately after the speculations quieted down, rumors concerning surgery began to surface.

Kathryn Dennis' Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Kathryn’s successful weight loss are:

  • Underwent tummy surgery
  • Maintains rigorous diet and fitness routines
  • Avoided fattening foods, processed foods, and now only drinking wine in moderation
  • She quits anything with a lot of sugar
  • Instead, she eats nutritious foods, veggies, and homecooked meals
  • She switched from booze and soft beverages to green tea and healthy smoothies
  • She goes three times a week to the gym
  • She walks on her way to yoga classes every morning

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Kathryn Dennis has undergone cosmetic surgery.

Some supporters believe Kathryn’s weight reduction was aided by surgery. According to Bravo TV, the reality personality had facial and tummy surgery in October 2020.

The reality actress posted to social media during a visit to Totality Medispa to highlight recent alterations to her face and tummy. She also published a bare-faced photo of herself before getting a lip treatment on her Instagram Story, followed by a video of the needle-heavy procedure.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Kathryn additionally underwent Jeuveau, a modern alternative to Botox used to soften the look of moderate to severe wrinkles, in addition to Restylane filler injections to plump up her lip. The injectable filler is widely used on the forehead to repair frown lines and wrinkles.

She shared a photo of herself with pre-fillers and a shot of her results with the caption “In love.” She subsequently uploaded images of her CoolSculpting procedures, both before and after. The model isn’t afraid to admit that she’s had a lot of cosmetic surgeries, and she’s documented them all on social media.

Negative remarks Kathryn Dennis faced during her weight loss journey.

Kathryn is also renowned as the granddaughter of Rembert Dennis, in addition to her career as a reality personality. Her grandpa was a former American politician who spent over 40 years in the South Carolina Senate. This can be a reason why she has a large social media following, which may explain why she receives negative feedback for everything she does, particularly her appearance.

Retrospectively, the Southern Charm star replied to individuals body-shaming her on Instagram more than three years ago after they suspected her of being pregnant. Kathryn confirmed that she has gained weight in November 2018, therefore putting an end to any pregnancy rumors.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Obviously, Kathryn is one of those celebrities who has been the subject of several rumors. Even her co-star Ashley Jacobs alleged that she shed some pounds due to the stress she has been under as a result of the reality program.

The mother of two, on the other hand, flatly refuted the accusation and stated, “Yes, I became having a lot of stress even as filming. I changed into worried if I something wrong. It also affected my consuming behavior but is not the motive of my weight loss.”

What methods did Kathryn Dennis try to reduce weight, specifically food and exercise?

In the last year, she has shed a large amount of weight. Kathryn used to weigh 150 pounds, but she currently weighs between 120 and 130. 

On January 20, 2021, she shared a photo of herself in bright pink workout gear on Instagram, and many people remarked on how different she appeared, specifically on her face. “Wings grow strong once the cage is gone,” Kathryn wrote in the caption, smiling.

The difference between before and after is that now, Kathryn’s fit form results from her tireless efforts. She has excellent control over her entire body and does not allow fat to reclaim it. As reported by different news outlets, Kathryn maintains a rigorous diet and fitness routines that she adheres to religiously and has modified several of her behaviors.

Let’s start with her eating regimen. Kathryn vowed to cross everything unhealthy off her food list. She avoided fattening foods, especially processed foods, and now drank wine in moderation. 

She has quit drinking anything with a lot of sugar in it and replaced all of this junk with nutritious fruits, veggies, and home-cooked meals. She also swapped off her booze and soft beverages for green tea and nutritious smoothies.

Her diet plan, on the other hand, didn’t only apply to herself. Kathryn also influenced her children’s dietary habits. They began to eat the same foods and follow the same diet plan. Her exercise habits were also taken into account.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

When it comes to her workout routine, Kathryn started going to the gym and went at least three times each week. Every morning, she went for a nearly hour-long walk which she also did on her way to yoga classes.

Kathryn Dennis's weight-loss motivation.

Overall, Kathryn’s weight reduction journey has been difficult. Her mother, Allison Calhoun’s death, after a long fight with sickness, prompted her to take a close look at her own life. 

She was trying to focus only on her children at the moment, despite the fact that her divorce from Thomas Ravenel was also weighing on her mind. As a result of her poor circumstances, Kathryn may feel compelled to reduce weight in order to improve her status.

Nonetheless, she has made significant modifications to her figure, which has garnered accolades from her followers, who are now admiring her appearance. Although a cosmetic procedure may have aided her in reaching her current body shape, what matters now is that she is depending on a healthy way and sticking to it.

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