Gizelle Bryant Gets Warned By Candiace Dillard's Husband Chris

“RHOP” Candiace Dillard’s Husband Chris Bassett Slams Gizelle Bryant


He is obviously offended by her slanderous accusation.

The upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” is currently under production, and there have already been several rumors circulated. One of them began when Candiace Dillard unfollowed Gizelle on Instagram, which was spotted by fans.

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Candiace’s Instagram follower list was tweeted by @JaysRealityBlog, with a caption that reads, “Candiace has unfollowed Gizelle on the gram as Season 7 filming continues!”

In addition, during the season 6 reunion taping, Gizelle Bryant and Chris Bassett had a “inappropriate interaction” according to reports, and she allegedly stated that the claimed incident occurred during last season’s reunion.

Chris isn’t pleased with the claims and had just vented on Twitter a few hours before; issuing a severe warning to Gizelle writing, “Y’all really not ready for what’s about to go down. Call me what you want, but a liar I am not…and if that’s the path you choose, I promise, you will be sorry.”

“I understand the show…but what we NOT gonna do is LIE…and make up bullsh*t because you a sorry miserable person,” he added, in response to a fan who requested him to calm down.

“Broke, live off my MIL, no job, whatever…those are lies for a TV show…this is my CHARACTER you are trying to attack and I will NOT sit down and say nothing,” he said in a separate tweet.

Although the specifics of the alleged “inappropriate interaction” were not disclosed, some viewers of the program think Chris hitting on Gizelle, which isn’t really the first time the real housewife has made such allegations against the show’s husbands.

She was the one who brought up Eddie Osefo’s infidelity allegations last season. Wendy Osefo was irritated by this, so she confronted Gizelle about her behavior. Their friendship dissolved as she suspected Gizelle of being malevolent. The couple have categorically denied that the rumors are true.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Gizelle was also involved in circulating accusations about Monique Samuels prior to her accusing Eddie. Monique’s marriage was rumored after she had a falling out with a friend.
Her personal trainer was suspected of committing adultery with her. Chase Samuels was even said to not be Chris Samuels’ biological child. Monique rejected the claims, and she was convinced that Gizelle had communicated it with the other cast members in order to discredit her marriage.

The news was first reported by Urban Belle Magazine.

Reactions to “RHOP” Candiace Dillard's Husband Chris Bassett Slams Gizelle Bryant

I love Gizelle but if this tea about her coming for Chris Bassett is true why is it conveniently coming up when they are filming? If she really felt that way she would have said something awhile ago. Worry about your baby daddy #RHOP

It’s been 4 seasons and now he wants to speak up? #RHOP

Is Chrissy having his bitchy moment? LOL.

The men always end up being messier than the women on these shows.

Did he call a name in another tweet? Say it with your chest for real

Gizelle will start all this mess and sit on mute when confronted about it.

This storyline is so tired. I'm really gonna miss Michael. I hope they bring him back as a 'friend' of Juan


This season needs to hurry up

he talks too much for a male

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