How Did Melissa Peterman Lose Weight? Her Strict Diet


Melissa Peterman went through dramatic weight loss after Reba.

American actress and comedian Melissa Peterman is known for her role in the hit sitcom Reba, which ran from 2001 to 2007. She played the role of dental hygienist Barbra Jean Brooker Hart and starred alongside Reba McEntire, who played the titular character.

Reba takes the actress’ career to the next level, bringing her a series of projects. She starred in another sitcom ABC Family’s Baby Daddy, and hosted several programs, including ABC’s Bet On Your Baby, CMT’s The Singing Bee, and ABC Family’s The Singing Bee.

Those who have been watching and following the actress may probably witness her dramatic weight loss journey, especially towards the end of Reba. She has been the subject of rumors, and it was speculated that she lost 60 pounds between 2006 and 2007.

At that time, many were shocked when Melissa attended a red-carpet event, looking surprisingly thin. Throughout Reba’s run, viewers saw the comedian from weight gain and weight loss to becoming bulgy again and finally getting back to her best shape.

Melissa Peterman gained weight after giving birth in 2005 - but that did not last long.

The actress and her husband John Brady welcomed their son Riley David Brady in October 2005. Shortly after giving birth, the Reba actress gained weight, but that did not last long, as she managed to lose weight again in just over a year.

However, some think that Melissa’s weight loss journey has been a very drastic one, considering that she did it after birth and in a short period of time. There were speculations that she went through weight loss surgery or took diet pills, but this proved to be wrong.


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The Reba actress discussed her weight loss journey, particularly how she lose weight. She revealed that she followed a strict diet plan, hired a personal trainer, and cut down on carbs, fat, and sugar. She added that she made the effort of her own free will and for her son.

Melissa Peterman's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Melissa’s successful weight loss:

  • She followed a strict diet plan
  • Her diet is rich in fibers and protein
  • Replaced junk foods with healthy meals
  • Avoided carbs, fat, and sugar
  • Hired a professional trainer
  • Her routine is a mix of cardio, bodyweight exercise and strength training
  • Get enough sleep

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Did Melissa Peterman worry about her weight?

Despite the constant news surrounding her weight, the comedian admitted that she never worries about it. In fact, she considers herself lucky because no one in the industry asked her how she looks, something that she discussed in one of her interviews.

“I’ve been very lucky that I’ve been on TV, and I’ve been a lot of different sizes and ages. I’ve been pregnant and fake pregnant. I’ve been at a point where I felt healthy and like how I looked…and there’s been times where I haven’t. I have been really lucky that I’ve never not worked or been told I have to change what I look like to be on TV,” she said.

The number on the weighing scale didn’t bother her, either. She believes that was significant, and it doesn’t impact how she looks at herself. She noted, “I can’t change…so I celebrated it. I do think as you get older you should let things go.”

Melissa Peterman weight loss is a combination of a healthy diet and proper exercise.

While some consider short-cuts when it comes to weight reduction, the Reba actress chose to stick to the traditional diet and exercise. She lost 60 pounds with the help of these two, making her feel more confident and amazing about herself.

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is eating a healthy, well-balanced meal – something that Melissa followed. Her diet is rich in fibers and protein, while she cut down carbs, fat, and sugar. She hasn’t eliminated any foods from her diet, but she consumed everything in moderation.

In an interview with Self in 2011, Melissa revealed that she wanted to start her morning with an “organic egg white omelet with fresh spinach picked from my garden, a side of turkey bacon, and a fresh fruit smoothie.” But, it wasn’t easy for her as her son was around five years old at that time.

Now, it seems like the Reba actress made it happen. Her breakfast consists of an organic egg white omelet with fresh spinach, a side of turkey bacon, as well a fresh fruit smoothie. During lunchtime, she opts for lentil soup with some tomatoes and cottage cheese and any whole grain-based dish.

She also eats an apple with peanut butter during snack time while a vegan dish for dinner. Melissa still eats ice cream, cookies, and pizza, but she limits the amount to control her cravings. This habit is considered a cheat diet, which can be done occasionally.

Melissa Peterman shares some weight loss tips.

According to the comedian, it is important to monitor your diet – and that means replacing junk food with healthy food. Eating breakfast is also essential because it is the most important meal of the day. It’s not good to skip it no matter how busy you are.

Getting enough sleep and napping during the daytime is vital, as well. The body needs proper rest and must recover from the stress. Also, drinking water removes the toxins in the body and keeps you feeling full. Lastly, take exercise seriously and don’t go with the short-cut method.

What is Melissa Peterman's exercise method?

The Reba actress has her own fitness routine, as well. However, her main goal isn’t centered on weight loss. Instead, she wanted to build strength that’s why she started exercising. Her routine hasn’t been revealed, but it is assumed it’s a mix of “cardio, bodyweight exercise and strength training.”

Some also suspected she opted for HIIT exercises, though she hasn’t been involved in any weight loss program. Melissa didn’t want to go to the gym, so she hired a personal trainer. Furthermore, she often walks her two dogs and goes on camping trips and holiday vacations with her family.


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Melissa has long embraced her body – no matter her size and shape. Although the process wasn’t easy, and she had felt the pressure before, her confidence and perseverance helped her keep going in the industry. She doesn’t let the rumors and negativities affect her.

“I’m funny, and I play funny characters, so it doesn’t matter if I’m not a size two or I may have some crow’s feet or whatever. Beauty is really about confidence,” she said.

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