Shirlene “Ms. Juicy” Pearson Hospitalized In The ICU

What Happened To “Little Women: Atlanta’s” Ms. Juicy Baby?


Her supporters are being asked to keep her in "your prayers."

“Little Women: Atlanta” star Shirlene “Ms. Juicy” Pearson is hospitalized in the ICU according to a statement made on her Instagram account on Friday.

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“At this time Ms. Juicy is stabilized in the ICU,” the statement reads. “The family is thankful for all the prayers and are asking for you to respect their privacy at this time. Please continue to keep Ms. Juicy in your prayers. We will keep you updated with any changes.”

More information about why she was hospitalized was not released to the public, but her agency issued a statement on her Instagram account towards the end of April 2022 informing supporters that she was coping with a health issue.

On the other hand, Rickey Smiley, her former employer, offered an unauthorized update regarding her health with Yahoo News. He shared a narrative that said she was in a coma as a result of a heart attack or stroke.

As of this writing, Pearson’s agency, Meme, has confirmed and issued a report stating that she is already recovering from a stroke and has been discharged from the intensive care unit. She “wants everyone to know she is fighting and ready to go home.”

Pearson is a cast member and executive producer on Lifetime’s reality television show “Little Women: Atlanta.” She originally featured as a guest star on the reality program when it launched in 2016.

By the second season, she had been elevated to a full-time costar, and she most recently appeared in the series’ sixth season, which began in 2021. The actress has also expressed her hope that the show will educate and inform viewers on “who little people are.”

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Praise that @RealMsJuicyBaby is doing well! 🙌🏾

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