How Did Tamela Mann Lose So Much Weight?

Tamela Mann started her weight loss journey after becoming a WW Ambassador in 2019

Actress and Gospel singer Tamela Mann’s weight loss journey began in 2019, and she has since vowed to live a healthy lifestyle. She had encountered a lot of ups and downs in losing weight, but these things didn’t stop her from achieving her fitness goal.

Tamela, whose real name is Tamela Jean Mann, became a WW Ambassador (formerly known as Weight Watchers) in April 2019. Since then, the now 55-year-old award-winning singer has embarked on a weight loss journey – not only for herself but also for her family.

The Gospel singer, who has been married to David Mann since 1988, developed healthy habits and set specific goals in order to lose weight. Her daughter, Tiffany Mann, also joined her on the journey, and it further motivated her mother to cut down some pounds.

“It’s nice to have a family member who’s like-minded on this journey! We both have goals we’re trying to reach,” Mann told WW.

WW is a company that offers weight loss and maintenance, fitness, and mindset services – including the Weight Watchers comprehensive diet program. The actress joined other celebrity ambassadors, Oprah Winfrey and Kate Hudson, who both lost weight through WW.

A few months after joining WW’s new weight loss program, Tamela revealed that she had lost significant pounds in September 2019. In a video she shared via Instagram, she wrote, “I am officially 40 pounds down!!! I’m telling y’all @ww is changing my life for the better!”

Tamela Mann's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Tamela’s successful weight loss:

  • She began her weight loss journey after becoming WW Ambassador in 2019
  • She developed healthy habits and set specific goals
  • She began to portion her meals in order to monitor her consumption and watch out for carbs
  • She cut down anything unhealthy and drink more water

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What are the changes in Tamela Mann's diet plan after joining the new WW weight loss program?

In the WW weight loss program, you will have access to a virtual coach 27/4. It allows you to access several features like the science-based SmartPoints system, which could be personalized for age, height, weight, and sex. It also guides you on what to cook or eat based on your preferences.

Tamela’s breakfast consists of toast, bacon, and eggs without cheese to save SmartPoints. Fruits are her favorite ZeroPoint foods since she can eat unlimited amounts of them in the WW plan. She also learned to portion her meals, which is a huge help for her weight loss.

She began to portion her meals in order to monitor her consumption and watch out for carbs. Turkey sandwich was her favorite, but she tries to limit it as much as she could. Every time she eats it, she cut it in half to make it into two meals.

Meanwhile, the Gospel singer keeps her snacks separate from her kids’ and grandchildren’s selections. In a clip she shared on social media, she captioned: “It’s summer, so my house is full of kids. I still have their snacks, BUT my @ww snacks have their own section in the pantry!!”

The actress, known for many roles in movies and TV of Tyler Perry, made it clear why she joined the weight loss program and why she’s dedicated to cutting down some pounds. She told WW that what she’s doing is not a diet but a lifestyle change.

Tamela Mann encountered a major weight loss setback due to a double knee replacement

Three months after kicking off her weight loss journey, the Gospel singer underwent knee replacement surgery in July 2019. She shared a video on Instagram, noting that she will have both knees replaced. She reached out to her followers for prayers and fast recovery.

“I need everybody to pray. I’m letting you guys in to follow me and pray for me and to be with me every step of the way,” she said.

While the surgery was successful, the actress couldn’t hit the gym and get back on track immediately. In another social media post, she admitted that doing physical activities was difficult for her. At the time, she prioritized her mental health and nutrition more.

“For World #MentalHealthDay, I want to encourage you all to take care of EVERY part of your body. So thankful my @ww journey has given me a great foundation to always lean on,” she wrote.

After one month, Tamela recovered, and she was able to do physical activities again. She shared this good news on her Instagram, posting videos of her looking healthy and happy. She told her followers that her journey to losing weight continues.

Tamela Mann revealed what motivated her to change her lifestyle

While talking to producer Phillip Bryant about working on another song, the Gospel singer said she realized she needed help in different areas. This particular moment helped her decide that she should team up with Weight Watchers.

The actress said that her decision worked since she lost 55 pounds. She added that it was a great experience to be engaged in the health and wellness journey. It helped her realize to pay attention to what she’s eating – and made it her day-to-day thing.

Tamela further noted that it was hard for her to do good and eat at the same time, but she’s glad that she made the right decision to make a lifestyle change. It was an eye-opener for her and she began to watch out for the food she’s eating every day.

The double knee replacement made it hard for her to move and continue her weight loss journey. The Gospel singer said that she was a lot in pain at the time, especially since she had to sing, do shows, and concerts. But still, she continues working.

Despite her surgery, the actress said she felt no pain during one performance on stage. It encouraged her to go on and do something different for herself. She wanted to take care of her health because she didn’t want to be a liability to her family.

Tamela added that she’s trying to remember what she’s eating. She tries to avoid bread since it’s not good for her. She also cut back on anything unhealthy, watched the carbs on her diet, and drink more water every day. Lastly, she eats earlier in the day rather than late in the day.

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