How Did Tim McGraw Lose Weight?

Tim McGraw Before and After Weight-Loss

The musician isn't afraid to talk about his weight loss in public, and he even wrote a book about it.

Tim McGraw has been a country music mainstay for almost two decades. He has a long list of #1 hits and albums under his belt, as well as many Grammy and CMA honors and a successful acting career. One of the most notable changes in Tim in recent years is his weight loss.
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Tim McGraw's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Tim’s successful weight loss:

  • He began his weight loss journey when his daughter warned him he looked huge on screen back in 2008
  • He avoided beer, burgers, and “truck-stop foods”
  • He walks every morning, which eventually turned into running
  • He’s also lifting weights
  • He had a 90-minute exercise plan that he designed for himself

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When did Tim McGraw start his weight-loss journey?

Tim McGraw’s daughter warned him in 2008 that he appeared huge on screen in the movie “Four Christmases,” and he admitted that he had indeed lost control of his health.

“Ten years ago was when I really was not taking care of myself as well as I should. And my lifestyle wasn’t as good: up until 3 o’clock in the morning, having that extra beer with the band, eating cheeseburgers late, and not hitting the gym in the morning. It was just getting out of control,” he shared.

In an interview with Men’s Health Magazine, he also stated: “I got out of it for a while. I was in the prime of my career, and I wasn’t capitalizing on it.”

His daughter’s remark inspired him to make certain lifestyle adjustments, resulting in his dropping 40 pounds and getting in shape.

“My oldest daughter said, “‘Geez, Dad. You really need to do something,'” the “Not a Moment Too Soon” singer remembered. “And the next day, I was in the gym.”

The motivation behind Tim McGraw's weight-loss journey

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Aside from his daughter’s statement, Tim’s family, in general, is what inspired him to begin his weight-loss journey. He is committed to staying healthy for himself and his family.

In a different interview, he told Entertainment Tonight: “Here’s the truth of it — I was not taking care of myself. I was leaning on the success that I’ve had.”

“My family is counting on me. I want to see my kids grow up; I want to be able to spend time with my grandkids. I want to take them diving and spearfishing, all those things that I want to do with my grandkids.”

“All the people who work really hard for me and count on me to show up — I wasn’t doing that. And I thought that if I want to have a long career and I want to be in this position for a long time, it’s easy to bail out now. And I don’t want to bail out,” the actor continued.

What exactly did Tim McGraw do to shed some pounds?

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The country music singer commenced his weight-loss journey by avoiding beer, burgers, and “truck-stop foods,” as well as going for morning walks, which eventually turned into runs. Also, the musician began lifting weights.

In addition, it’s no secret that losing weight has been one of the best things for Tim lately. Not only is he happier, healthier, and feeling more confident, but his music career has taken off as well.

“I use my whole body to sing—my legs, my butt,” he added. “And having more control over those things makes my voice stronger.”

Aside from above mentioned, he further had a 90-minute exercise that he had designed himself. “This workout is my meditation. It frees things up in your head so you can get the trash out for a little while.”

A 90-minute exercise sounds exhausting enough to undertake, but Tim disagrees, saying, “I don’t really get tired of training. There’s such a feeling of accomplishment that comes from the feeling of being my age and still being at the top of my game.”

His dedication to exercise has resulted in a startling 40-pound weight reduction, which surprised many on social media as he flaunted his slim figure and has never been shy about sharing parts of his life in a variety of photos.

“It wasn’t like I was trying to lose 40 pounds; I was just wanting to get healthy,” Tim disclosed to PEOPLE. “For me, it is more about feeling good and being where I want to be physically and on stage.”

He also wants to be able to maintain his interests in addition to his music career, stating, “I just want to be in shape so I can do spearfishing and dive deep.”

Tim McGraw chronicled his weight-loss journey in a book.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
It’s challenging to find an artist these days who isn’t striving to reduce weight. After years of battle with his weight, the country singer has finally taken action and appears to be happy than ever.

“I’ve gone through a physical transformation in the last 10 years, but it’s not just my appearance that has changed,” he talked about his book, “Grit & Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life,” in a statement to PEOPLE.

“My mind is clearer, my sense of purpose is sharper, and my relationships are deeper. Consistent physical exercise helps me bring focus to my life and to the people who mean the most to me.”

“That’s something we all want. And I believe it’s something that is available to anyone who wants it, regardless of their level of fitness. I want this book to help people find what works for them by sharing the mental and physical approach that has worked for me,” he concluded.

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