How Did Simon Cowell Lose Weight? Lost 60 Pounds – Restrictive Diet

Simon Cowell managed to lose weight over the past years

English record producer and TV personality Simon Cowell is no stranger to several prestigious talent competitions. Television viewers often see him in “Britain’s Got Talent,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “The X Factor (UK),” as he serves as one of the celebrity judges. His first role as a judge was with the music competition “Pop Idol.”

But, the 62-year-old entertainment manager rose to fame when he became a judge in the singing competition “American Idol” in 2002. He’s known for his notorious reputation and often delivers harsh comments to the contestants. Despite that, he was able to sign successful boybands such as Westlife, One Direction, PrettyMuch, and CNCO.

Simon, who was engaged to Lauren Silverman, has been very visible in public over the past decades. Those who have followed him since the early days of his career may probably notice his body transformation, especially when it comes to his weight. He has started with his weight loss journey in order to maintain a healthy living.

It has been reported that the founder and sole owner of the British entertainment company Syco lost 60 pounds. His fans and fellow judges were surprised to witness his incredible weight loss transformation. Some were also wondering how he managed to cut down some pounds and what was his diet plan and workout routine in achieving his fitness goal.

Simon Cowell's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Simon’s successful weight loss:

  • He threw his unhealthy habits after an accident in 2017
  • He worked with experts to develop a new, healthy diet plan
  • He switched to vegan diet
  • He removed gluten, sugar, dairy, and red meat from his diet
  • He still eats white meat, such as turkey and chicken
  • He begins 150 push-ups and 500 press-ups every morning
  • He also does weightlifting and biking
  • He walks at least 5 to 10 miles a day
  • He uses electric bikes for his workout after encountering another injury in 2022

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When did Simon Cowell decide to lose weight?

Before embarking on his weight loss journey, the record producer admitted that he didn’t have a healthy lifestyle and mostly engaged in unhealthy habits. He doesn’t follow a specific meal plan and usually enjoys foods such as spaghetti, sausage rolls, hamburgers, and pizza. He also enjoys binging on jam tarts prepared by his personal chef.

Simon doesn’t follow a specific sleeping pattern, as well. He often stayed up all night, and there was a point when he would still be awake at 8 AM. However, all of his unhealthy habits were thrown out of the window after an accident in October 2017. That was a wake-up call for him, and it led him to change his lifestyle and live a better, healthy life.

At the time, the entrepreneur fell from the stairs of his mansion in Malibu due to low blood pressure. He was rushed to the hospital and sustained a neck injury, although he was able to make a full recovery. The accident was an eye-opener for him. He realized that it was time to make a change, and this is where his weight loss journey all started.

The TV personality gets in touch with an expert to help him change his diet and develop a new plan. Reportedly, he was told that he has “the worst diet of any patient,” so he changed everything that was unhealthy within 24 hours. He was determined to lose weight and had already witnessed changes in his body after following a healthy lifestyle. He felt and looked better than before.

“Within 24 hours, I changed my diet, and I’ve not looked back since. You feel better, you look better,” he told Dan Wootton in a 2019 interview.

What is Simon Cowell's diet plan and workout routine?

Simon switched to a vegan diet when he began his weight loss journey. However, he didn’t do it in an instant. He started with small steps until it was feasible in the long term. He turned to a vegan diet slowly and gradually, like switching yogurt with almond milk yogurt. In the early days of his diet, he was still eating fish and gave up on it later on.

He removed the four major foods from his diet: gluten, sugar, dairy, and red meat. He still enjoys fruits but is very careful when consuming them because some have high sugar content. His meal mainly consisted of vegetables and salad. He advised, “to keep the food sensible, but it’s got to be interesting and tasty, then the diet’s surprisingly easy.”

But although he’s on a vegan diet, the entertainment manager was back to eating white meat like turkey and chicken. He has learned to balance his diet and recognized the importance of moderation. In terms of his fitness routine, Simon has a specific set of exercises to keep a healthy body and weight loss. Every morning, he begins with 150 push-ups and 500 press-ups.

Apart from these, he does weight lifting and biking. He also made sure that he gets to walk at least 5 to 10 miles every day. However, he got into another accident in 2020, and he had to set aside his fitness goal for a while. Simon had a bike right accident, which broke his neck and spine. He underwent a 6-hour surgery, which was another frightening moment for him.

The entrepreneur took a step back for a while to make a full recovery. He went through a lot of physical therapy and exercises to get back his movements. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, he didn’t give in to his unhealthy habits. Instead, he spent his time taking care of his health by eating nutritious foods and sleeping well.

Simon Cowell continues with his routine despite the accident

The music mogul didn’t stop exercising using his electric bikes even after the accident. He is determined to continue this routine, even though some have speculated that he had a weight loss surgery and it might be due to a gastric band. But then, he immediately shut down the rumor and insisted that his transformation was because of diet and exercise.

“I did see a doctor in Harley Street. He specializes in a certain kind of diet,” the TV personality told The Sun. “He did my blood work and pee and all the rest of it, and a month later, the results came in, and his words were, ‘You have the worst diet out of all the clients I have ever seen in my life – you have a schoolboy’s diet from the 1960s.”

He said that the doctor sent him the food he could eat and what he couldn’t consume. His daily diet was a green smoothie and no-sugar Alpen, with tea and oat milk for breakfast. For his lunch, he eats grilled tomatoes and soup. And while he admitted that he goes out for dinner, he made it clear that he usually chooses not to eat.

“I’m not a big eater,” he told The Sun. “I don’t enjoy it that much. I’d rather have a beer than eat any day of the week.”

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