Frank Catania Puts An End To Jackie's _RHONJ_ Rumors

Frank Catania Has A Word On Jackie Goldschneider’s ‘RHONJ’ Demotion Rumors


His statement comes after numerous Bravo fan pages anticipated that Goldschneider was departing the reality show.

For Season 12 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Frank Catania set the record straight and verified rumors that Jackie Goldschneider had been demoted to a friend.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

On Monday’s broadcast of “The Morning Toast,” Catania confirmed it, saying, “I didn’t know for sure, [but] I went out to dinner the other night with Jackie and Evan [Goldschneider]. And, yes, I heard. Yes, alright, she is a’ friend of.’”

Catania then claimed that the reality star, who appeared on the show in 2018, was having her best season ever after co-hosts Claudia and Jackie Oshry deemed they “didn’t agree with Jackie’s demotion at all.”

“I thought she had a great season. Not only did she come out with her respective eating disorder [anoxeria], which I know wasn’t easy for her … [but] look at Jackie evolving over time,” he continued, adding, “She’s been on the show, she came on as a timid little rabbit to the point where now she speaks her mind. I love Jackie.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

During the conversation, Catаniа also revealed that Season 12 “friend of” Trаci Johnson – who didn’t make the three-part reunion – and her husband Tiki Bаrber, were appаrently dismissed on the show. He quipped, “I heard Traci’s gone,” stressing that “nothing’s definitive ever here.”

As we previously reported, Jackie also released a statement during her appearance on Friday’s episode of Page Six’s “Virtual Real-tea,” as to why Traci was cut out of “RHONJ” season 12 reunion.

The real housewife explained: “She was there for a really long time, she looked beautiful and she had on a stunning gold dress.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“But I don’t think Traci said anything groundbreaking at reunion that it had to go in. I really think they [production team] had to make a choice. I don’t think it was because they don’t think Traci was important to the cast.”

The news was initially reported by Page Six.

Reactions to Frank Catania Has A Word On Jackie Goldschneider's 'RHONJ' Demotion Rumors

“Frank Catania confirms that Jackie is a friend of the show this season” Frank I thought you don’t get involved in women’s drama??? 🤔 #RHONJ

we lost... jackie has a better storyline than dolores and melissa

Frank talking again, but he didn’t spread the rumor & let Jen know…ok 🤔 #RHONJ


I’m sorry but I hate jersey bc of the husbands lmaoo like y’all aren’t housewives

Why is Frank the new Patricia? #rhonj #rhoa

We wonnn 👏🏾


This is an interesting choice. I see why because of dynamics I guess, but I really enjoyed watching her personal journey, and seeing the way she dealt with Jen, Teresa, and Dolores. I think she thinks most rationally, but she shouldn’t just follow behind Margaret. Individualize.

Frankiana is coming for that center spot next season. 🍷💅🏼 #RHONJ

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