How Did Alison Moyet Lose Weight?

Alison Moyet went through a major weight loss transformation throughout her career

English songwriter, performer, and singer Alison Moyet rose to fame as half of the synth-pop duo Yazoo, along with musician Vince Clarke. But after the split in 1983, she pursued her career as a solo artist. She became more popular, with her songs topping the UK albums chart and UK singles chart.

The singer, whose real name is Geneviève Alison Jane Moyet, reached 23 million album sales, and more than two million singles were sold. Some of her famous songs are “All Cried Out,” “Love Letters,” “Love Resurrection,” and “Is This Love?”. Her most recent album was titled “Others” and was released in 2017.

There is no doubt that Alison became successful on her journey as a musician. But as her career progressed, her overall transformation became visible to the public. Throughout the past years, many noticed that the singer gained weight and then lost a significant amount of pounds later on.

Alison Moyet's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Alison’s successful weight loss:

  • She decided to lose weight due to health reasons
  • She went on a diet and started working out
  • Her journey is more than just the weight loss

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Alison Moyet admits to losing weight – to gaining weight again

In an article published by Mirror in 2013, it was reported that Alison weighed a “fulsome size 22” when she was part of Yazoo. But she managed to lose weight the following years, leading her to drop to size 10 at the time of the interview.

Speaking to the aforementioned publication, the performer thinks that she may have gone too far with her weight loss journey. For her, “women look better with a bit of chub on them.” So, when she lost too much weight, she worked hard to “get fat” again.

The songwriter was reluctant to talk about her weight in the past. But as years went by, she candidly spoke about it, and she seemed unaffected by what other people said against her. She pointed out that she doesn’t like “the kind of approval that goes along with weight loss.”

“Still, in my 50s, where my next significant event is being a grandmother, I have to worry about my scraggy a***,” Alison continued.

What was Alison Moyet's motivation to lose weight?

Alison, who’s married to David Ballard, shared how she gained weight growing up. She thought that “rich people ate white bread and Spam,” which was one reason she got fat. She learned that it’s not all about that, and her belief led her to gain weight.

And although she sees women look better with chub on them, the singer still embarked on her weight loss journey for personal reasons. She wanted to cut down some pounds due to health reasons and the fact that she didn’t want to be patronized being thin and having a slim figure.

In another interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2013, the songwriter also openly discussed her weight loss. She said that she gets asked about this matter a lot and she doesn’t want to answer it because she’s tired of “women being judged on the basis of the way they look.”

Alison further asserted that she’s done with the idea that “being thinner is a mark of success or of personal achievement or of beautification.” She says that she was obese for 40 years and that her character and personality were mainly built on being a fat person.

She still acknowledged her size back then, saying it doesn’t go away just because she lost weight. She added that she doesn’t want to be complimented because it makes her feel like she was apologizing for the 40 years that she was fat.

The performer’s biggest motivation for losing weight was her health. She thought she was coming to the end of her career, so she needed to shift to a healthier lifestyle. She became more aware of getting more obese, which led her to begin her weight loss journey.

Alison Moyet shared that she battled against depression and agoraphobia

Aside from her battle with weight loss, Alison also struggled to deal with her fame back then. For 10 years, the songwriter reportedly fought with depression and severe agoraphobia, a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or that help wouldn’t be available if things go wrong.

The condition wasn’t that ideal for someone rising into popularity. Throughout those years, she had trouble leaving the house. She noted that being famous was shocking to her, especially when you “don’t have ­aspirations to it.” She also revealed that she avoided eye contact with anyone.

“It was freaky, and it just happened overnight. I couldn’t handle it. In a lot of respects having kids has saved me from myself,” Alison said.

Having three children helped the performer cope with her depression. She noted that if you’ve got a child and a child wants to get up, you have no choice but to get up. Eventually, she got tired of “just having a particular pathology” and got “tired of being depressed.”

Alison Moyet reveals another battle she had to go through during her teenage years

During the singer’s teenage years, she had to endure a lot in order to climb up to where she is now. She wanted to make a name for herself despite the male-dominated music industry. It was headed by Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon and Boy George at the time.

Alison revealed that she fell victim to a record label executive’s shady business. When she was 17 years old, a “hotshot manager” was reportedly interested in managing her and got her to come to London. She met him at his office, but the man asked him to go to his place.

“He asked me if I wanted a go, and I was like, ‘No, I’ve come here for a meeting. You’re going to make me a singer, aren’t you?” the singer shared. “Once I’d made it clear I didn’t want to go on his sunbed, he sent me away. I was gutted.”

The performer further revealed that the stories about girls in the 70s and 80s being taken advantage of by prominent people were just the “tip of the iceberg.” She added that in those days, that was where the “‘dirty old men’ came from.”

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