What Happened Last Season on On My Block? (Season 4)

On My Block with Casts

On My Block Brief Recap

Gunshots rings out around the party and made their way to be the Core Four friends Ruby Monse (Jason Genao), Jamal (Brett Gray), and Cesar (Diego Tinoco). The teens casually discuss the type of gun that may be responsible for the chaos as they flee the fray.


Monse and Cesar’s buries a romance that blossoms into a love triangle when Ruby’s family takes Olivia (Ronni Hawk) in. Monse doesn’t want her feelings for Cesar to destroy their group dynamic, so she tries to terminate things with him.


The friends survives a shooting, are kidnapped, numerous inter-group disputes, and mysteries. They impress Cuchillos (Ada Luz Pla), the boss of The Santos. He forces the teens to find her old lover, Lil’ Ricky (Benito Martinez), in exchange for their survival. The four best friends appear strong and affirmed in their new identities. That is even if they go their own ways by the season’s conclusion.

Synopsis of On My Block Last Season Finale

  • Everyone is reunited and celebrating life as Abuelita (Peggy Blow) desires.
  • Oscar (Julio Macias) is killed off.
  • Latrell grows up with them, but he ended up like Cesar if his buddies does not save him.
  • relationships, Jamal and Abuelita’s cute relationship, Jasmine and Ruby, and the inevitable Monse and Cesar.
  • In honor of Abuelita, a memorial party is thrown, at which the core four discusses their future plans.
  • Before the screen fades to black, Ruby explains that Abuelita left him a map. The core four begin joking about who will lead their new quest.

Fans' Reaction to the Season 4 Finale

Fans are disappointed to learn that the show’s most recent season was also it’s final. They are sad and have a sense of satisfaction after seeing the series’ conclusion. Fans see these characters mature throughout four seasons. The majority of them should receive the happy ending they deserve.


Even their quick delivery seems not enough to distract from a narrative that throws the show’s balance off. The conclusion does not do them justice. Understandably, they desire more, despite the ending being adequate and unambiguous but still seeming unfinished.

On My Block Ending Explained

Lauren Iungerich, the show’s co-creator, could be one reason for its cancellation. Last year, Iungerich struck a multi-year overall deal with Netflix to develop new projects, according to Deadline. Suppose she is obligated to work on other projects due to this deal. In that case, she will have less time to continue with On My Block. However, this has not been confirmed as the cause for the series’ cancellation. 


The core actors, Cierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, Diego Tinoco, and Jessica Marie Garcia, renegotiated their per-episode salary.  That is from $650,000 to $850,000 in January 2021, according to The Hollywood Reporter, That would see another boost to $1.05 million in the fifth season. As a result, Netflix confirmed earlier this year that the show’s fourth season will be its final. 

Quick Facts

  • a coming-of-age television series.
  • a breakout under-the-radar hit for Netflix.
  • created by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft.
  • released on Netflix on March 16, 2018.
  • named as Netflix’s most binged show.
  • based on the 2014 film On My Block.
  • Teens Choice Awardee for the Choice Breakout TV Show Category in 2018.
  • Jessica Marie Garcia and Diego Tinoco were nominated for Choice Summer TV. Actress and Choice Summer TV Actor, respectively, in the 2019 Teen Choice Awards.
  • with a spin-off, Freeridge announced in September 2021.
  • concluded in October 2021.
  • High-school scenes are filmed at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California.

Casts & Characters

  • Sierra Capri as Monsé Finnie, a headstrong Afro-Latina tomboy who serves as the leader of her friend group.
  • Jason Genao as Ruben “Ruby” Martinez Jr., a smart-aleck math whiz of Mexican descent often serving as the group’s conscience.
  • Brett Gray, as Jamal Turner, is an African-American the nerd of the group.
  • Diego Tinoco as Cesar Diaz, an intelligent Latino teen forced into gang life, putting a strain on a blossoming relationship with Monsé.
  • Jessica Marie Garcia, as Jasmine Flores, a group classmate, has a romantic obsession with Ruby.
  • Julio Macias as Oscar “Spooky” Diaz Cesar’s older brother and a high-level member of the Santos gang.
  • Ronni Hawk as Olivia, a friend of Ruby’s family who moves in with them after her parents are deported and Ruby’s love interest. 
  • Eme Ikwuakor as Dwayne Turner, Jamal’s father.
  • Benito Martinez as Lil Ricky, the founder of the Santos Gang.
  • Jason Genao as Ruby Martinez, a 15-year-old high school student of Mexican descent.
  • Peggy Blow as Marisol Martinez, also known as Abuelita, Ruby’s grandmother, a linchpin that held the group together at times.

The Plot

On My Block is a teen drama about a group of brilliant, street-savvy friends navigating high school. The teens struggle encompasses all of the triumphs, pains, and new experiences they encounter. Living in a predominantly Hispanic and Black community of Freeridge, Los Angeles, California, circumstances put their lifelong friendships to the test.


It also demonstrates a show’s commitment to balancing tragedy with joy and real-world woes with priceless adolescence. The coming-of-age series excels at grounding the lives of Black and Latinx personalities in a plot that does not define them.


Its plot’s primary focus is on the lives and difficulties of Black and Latino teens rather than exploiting or reveling in the chaos that surrounds them.

On My Block Spin-Off - Freeridge

Before Season 4 of On My Block premiers, Netflix orders a spin-off series based on the original series. The show’s title is Freeridge, named after the fictional town on which On My Block is based. 


It promises to show another aspect of the fictional town of Freeridge,  through the eyes of a new Core Four.


According to the official logline, “The stories of Freeridge continue in this On My Block spin-off following a new crew of friends who may or may not have unleashed a deadly curse kicking off an unforgettable adventure.” 


Variety reports that co-creator Lauren Iungerich said: “Co-creating and running On My Block was and will always be a highlight of my life. I am so proud to pass the baton to my incredible partners Eddie and Jeremy and the incomparable Jamie Uyeshiro who rocked it in the writers’ room from day one. There are more stories to tell of our beloved Freeridge and I cannot wait to continue to work with this talented team.” 


The show’s creators, Jamie Uyeshiro, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft, released a statement along with the Netflix announcement. “Some of the greatest comments we’ve heard about ON MY BLOCK were from fans telling us that they felt seen and represented. As we embark on FREERIDGE, a more female driven show, we will continue to invest in authentic characters that represent our passionate audience… Oh, and there may be gnomies.” 


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