How Did Gregg Wallace Lose Weight?

MasterChef star Gregg Wallace embarked on a weight loss journey and documented his progress on social media.

English broadcaster, entrepreneur, and media personality Gregg Wallace is known for co-presenting MasterChef, Celebrity MasterChef, and MasterChef: The Professionals. In the past, he jokingly referred to himself as “just the fat, bald bloke on MasterChef who likes pudding.”

But over the past years, the reality cooking competition’s fans noticed physical changes in Gregg, who also serves as a judge in the program. Many witnessed his transformation from being bulky to looking fit and slimmer now.

The TV presenter embarked on a weight loss journey and documented his progress through his Instagram account. Ever since he started cutting down some pounds, he’s been uploading before-and-after photos of himself to inspire other people to live a healthy life.

Gregg Wallace's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Gregg’s successful weight loss:

  • He cut down unhealthy foods, such as those fatty and sugary
  • He gave up fried foods and pizza
  • He now prefers homecooked meals
  • He reduced his alcohol
  • He has his own workout routine
  • He started his own website,, to help others lose weight

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Gregg Wallace's diet plan and workout routine.

Gregg’s heaviest weight was reportedly at 16 stone and a half (about 231 pounds). He credits his incredible weight loss to cutting down on unhealthy foods, such as those fatty and sugary. He’s “retraining” his tastebuds so he can still enjoy healthier meals.

He gave up fried foods and pizza for homecooked meals, which helped him more with his weight loss. Aside from changing his diet, the media personality also reduced his alcohol consumption each week. Previously, he enjoyed five pints of night booze – but now drinking only a “few.”

In addition to turning into healthy eating, the MasterChef star has his own workout routine. But while some think that he had a smooth weight loss journey, he admitted that the changes he made were slow. He explained that he didn’t want to make one big change to his lifestyle.

“It’s too difficult to completely change your life overnight – that’s why so many fail – small regular changes will get you where you wanna be,” Gregg said in one of his Instagram posts.

Gregg Wallace started losing weight after his doctor told him he was at risk of a heart attack.

The TV personality has been losing weight even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown didn’t seem to bother him as he continued with his healthy diet and workout. He maintained his weight loss, wherein he weighed under 12 stone (168 pounds) in 2020.

“I just taught myself healthy habits bit by bit. What I’ve learned is it’s okay to indulge now and again. You can take 10 steps forward and four steps back – you’ll still be 6 steps better off,” the MasterChef presenter said during his guest appearance on the British TV program Lorraine.

Gregg lost 4 stone (56 pounds) ever since he started with his weight loss diet plan. He began his journey back after his doctor told him he had a high cholesterol level in 2017. Afraid he might develop heart disease later in life, he turned to a healthy lifestyle.

“I was overweight, I was eating all of the wrong things, I was boozing quite a bit,” he said via Express. “I was looking at myself getting bigger and bigger on the television.

The Eat Well For Less presenter shared that his doctor asked him to do a blood test. When the result came in, he was told that his “cholesterol is through the roof.” The doctor informed him that he’d be seriously ill and heading to a heart attack if he didn’t change his lifestyle.

What did Gregg Wallace do to live a healthy life?

The media presenter admitted that he didn’t panic when he learned that he was at risk of heart attack, but that was a wake-up call for him that he needs to live a healthy life. He tried several diets, but none worked and only left him feeling hungry.

Gregg opted for “three big healthy meals a day” that would make him not want snacks. He cut down the takeaways and reduced the booze. Later, he learned what was healthy and taught himself what he should and shouldn’t eat. 

“It completely changed my life,” he said.

Meanwhile, the TV personality also goes on exercises, and his personal trainer Danny Rai helps him get his mind in a good place. Gregg revealed that Danny never gave him any scientific stuff. Instead, he made him feel more responsible for himself.

He’s been working out five days a week, from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, he enjoys his time by going for a swim. But aside from being told he had high cholesterol, the MasterChef judge has another reason why he wanted to live healthy – his wife, Anne-Marie Sterpini.

“There were a couple of motivating factors along the way. Meeting my beautiful, lovely wife [Anne] who’s a lot younger than me,” Gregg revealed. “I thought, well, she’s obviously alright having an old boyfriend, or now an old husband – but there’s no reason why she should have to have an old fat husband, is there.”

When asked what his wife thinks about his weight loss, he said that “she doesn’t mind one way or another.” He also shared that his wife warned him “not to get too muscly because she doesn’t like the veins, adding that he doesn’t mind as long as he’s not unhealthy.

Gregg Wallace creates his own website to inspire and motivate other people to live healthily.

Gregg wanted to inspire other people to live a healthy life, so he started his website,, after his 4 stone (56 pounds) weight loss. The website offers recipes, exercises, and nutritional and motivational advice for just £7 (about $ 8.78) a month.

“Very often we sit down to do interviews, and I get asked a lot about my weight loss journey and my fitness, so it was obvious to me that there was a lot of interest, and I always dreamed about moving into fitness,” the media presenter tod Hello Magazine, talking about his new website.

Gregg also gave advice to those who are planning to begin their weight loss journey. He said that the fact that “we’re starting it is enough motivation.” What’s important is that you should be psychologically prepared and don’t give up when things get wrong – because it’s going to go wrong.

“There’s no way any of us can live like we’re living in a convent for a month, two months, three months.”

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