How Did Holly Willoughby Lose Weight?

Holly Willoughby tries not to share too much info about her weight loss journey.

Holly Willoughby has been one of the main co-presenters on ITV’s This Morning since 2009, alongside co-host Philip Schofield. The English TV presenter usually wears a tight dress or blazer, showing her slim figure. So, how does she maintain her weight?

Holly was open when it came to her weight loss and diet. She reportedly shed pounds since her first appearance on TV. However, she’s been very careful about what she shares with the public – especially if it’s all about how she managed to lose weight.

In 2018, many people noticed the media presenter looked slimmer than before, which led to some commenting on her transformation on social media. However, she pointed out in an interview with Sunday Times “that she deliberately didn’t talk about it on TV or elsewhere.”

“I don’t think it’s helpful to the conversation, for women generally,” Holly said. “As long as you are healthy and happy, that’s really all that matters.”

She added that the discussion regarding weight loss is a personal thing for her, and people get “obsessive” with it. She elaborated that everyone knows what leads to a healthy lifestyle, but giving people “a blow-by-blow account” of what she’s been eating is not up to her.

“It’s not helpful, and it’s not what’s important,” the TV presenter further noted.

Insiders revealed what Holly Willoughby did to lose weight.

Meanwhile, an insider revealed which diet and workout Holly tried to achieve her weight loss. Pilates trainer Lynne Robinson, director of London-based Body Control Pilates, claimed that she worked with the media personality after giving birth to her daughter Belle in 2012.

“I worked with Holly for several months, teaching her privately at her home once a week,” Lynne told The Sun. “Holly had postnatal mat work classes which concentrated on strengthening and toning her core.”

The Pilates trainer revealed the exercises Holly implemented that helped her trim her waist and flatten her stomach. Reportedly, she tried assisted curl-ups, which use a pillow and a large towel to focus on alignment. It helped her to lengthen the spine and connects the deep abdominal muscles.

In 2017, another TV insider discussed their observations on the TV presenter, noting that she’s “determined to keep her new-look body, so she eats chicken, carrots, and hummus.” However, quite the opposite of what Holly said in an interview with Prima Magazine in 2016.

The author and former model made it clear that she’s not focusing much on her appearance. Instead, she’s losing weight because she wants to be healthy, and that’s enough for her. Her goal is to stay active and live healthily.

“I’m quite active, and I try not to let the way I look be the main focus because it’s not the important thing,” Holly explained.

The media personality often shares photos of her on Instagram. Yet, she’s been very careful not to share snaps of her working out. Despite that, some of her followers saw she’s been doing Pilates, skiing and swimming for the past years.

Another source told Now that Holly is currently into kickboxing. Reportedly, she’s been doing this for quite a while now because she finds it an “easy way to stay trim.” The insider further added that the mother-of-three has a kickboxing bag in her spare room so that she can work at home.

What is Holly Willoughby's diet plan?

The reality TV presenter may have been silent about her workout, but she’s seemingly open about what she eats. She follows a balanced and healthy diet, but still enjoys and treats herself by eating pizza and mince pies occasionally.

In a previous interview with Asda Living, Holly revealed that she starts her day by consuming a nutritious breakfast to give her energy the whole day. For lunch, she told Food Network that she prefers “a good old jacket potato.” Her comfort food is “a baked potato with real butter, cheese, and beans.”

Aside from eating healthy meals, Holly enjoys making delicious home-cooked meals for her husband, Daniel Baldwin, and their three kids, Belle, Harry, and Chester. She also revealed the food that she usually prepares for her family.

“I want to fill them with goodness and make sure they don’t snack between meals. I like them to try new things, like crab and cockles,” Holly shared and added, “But I love a processed cheese slice myself, so I can’t be that militant about nutrition.”

What is Holly Willoughby's weight loss secret?

Although Holly has been quiet about her diet and exercise, the TV presenter may have been sharing subtle weight loss tips in her previous interviews and on her social media, per Hello Magazine. For instance, she seemingly suggested in a 2017 interview with Prima to “not compare yourself to others.”

“I actually avoid talking about my diet and exercise regime because I have interviewed so many people affected by eating disorders, and I know that some people in chat rooms can really fixate on other people’s diets.”

She’s doing her best to stay active and healthy, not thinking that her weight loss centers on her appearance. She encourages people not to compare themselves to others, which usually happens, especially if you’re just starting to lose weight.

Holly’s followers may have seen her wearing workout gear on her Instagram. The media personality invested in these comfortable wardrobes. For example, she was pictured wearing chic black leggings and a matching black top back in 2019.

Another subtle tip was that working out doesn’t have to be boring – and it’s not going to the gym all the time. The TV presenter always finds a way to make her exercise more exciting and fun. In some of the photos she uploaded on social media, she can be seen wearing a swimsuit while diving into the pool.

Lastly, Holly admitted that when kids were younger, she didn’t have much time to go on workouts. However, that routine has eventually changed. She had more time for fitness as her children got older, and she was able to focus more on herself.

“The children are a little bit older, so I’ve got a little bit more time for myself, and I’m always one of those people that if you feel happy and healthy, that’s all that matters,” Holly said.

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