What Happened on Heartland Last Season? (Season 15)

Heartland Cover with Cast

Heartland Season 15 Brief Recap

Instead of contemplating retirement, Jack (Shaun Johnston) unexpectedly purchases Mitch’s (Kevin McGarry) herd of cattle. Lyndy asks Amy’s (Amber Marshall) client for assistance with a special surprise for Amy’s birthday. Tim (Chris Potter) returns from his trip with a surprise for everyone. Amy will stop at nothing to find a wild stallion who escapes from Sam’s (Shawn Roberts) ranch after a burglary. Lisa’s (Jessica Steen) latest business investment encounters problems. Tim and Jessica adjust to life back at Heartland. Amy discovers a teen with a knack for horses at Cooper’s (Adrian Spencer) therapy center. Lou presses to close the center due to numerous break-ins. Lisa has Jack create a security system with Parker’s (Kataem O’Connor) help.

Unwelcome memories of his father overwhelm Jack after a break-in at Heartland. Amy and Logan (Drew Davis) work with the untamed horse Tim entrusts Amy with taming for Jessica (Michelle Nolden). Tim and Parker create an odd combination to retrieve the lost goods.

On a cattle drive, Amy and Shadow are in danger. Lou feels forgotten when the matter of Heartland Beef’s succession plan. Parker and Katie (Ziya Matheson) babysit Lyndy (Emmanuella Spencer), and things go wrong. The attempt by Tim and Jessica to organize a little party backfires. 

Rekindle Prior Romance

Lou (Michelle Morgan) tries to rekindle a prior romance that he hides from his family. Amy and Logan are still assisting the wild horse. 

Amy and the rest of the family are unsure how to react when the man who shot Ty returns to Hudson. While Lou is abroad, Jessica enlists the services of Katie and Parker to deal with a difficult Dude Ranch visitor.

Amy must retrain Clydesdale and his owner to compete in the draft horse race because Hudson is hosting a lumberjack competition. Tim enters the competition. Lou attempts to stay away from Fred Garland’s (Ivan Cermak) date.


After learning Spartan isn’t ready to retire, Amy puts him in an endurance race. Jack determines to gentle an unbroke horse despite the danger, and Lou and Katie confess buried sentiments while camping.

Amy cannot decide what to do with the money she receives. After an accident, Lisa’s racing intentions get into trouble. When Jessica conceals something, Tim worries.

The Dr. Ty Borden Equestrian Youth Centre unveils the season finale. Clint agrees to stay full-time and oversee the facility. He even asks Logan if he wants to move to the facility permanently and work there, caring for the horses and the children that visit. It’s a significant choice.

Heartland Quick Facts

  • the longest-running tv show in Canadian television history, with 234 episodes in 15 seasons
  • based on the bestselling series of books by Lauren Brooke
  • premieres in Canada on CBC on October 14, 2007
  • follows the fictional Fleming-Bartlett family that runs Heartland ranch
  • the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in Canadian television history at 15 seasons and 234 episodes
  • under the production Dean Bennett and Trish Williams is Executive Director
  • written by Heather Conkie, Mark Haroun, Ken Craw, and Alexandra Clarke
  • Sally Catto is General Manager, Entertainment, Factual & Sports
  • Dynamo Films and SEVEN24 Films creates the series in collaboration with CBC, with funding from the Canada Media Fund, the Alberta Government, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, and the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit.

Heartland Plot Summary

Heartland is a wholesome family drama set on a ranch outside the fictional town of Hudson, Alberta, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This series follows the Fleming-Bartlett dynasty through love and tragedy, friendship and betrayal, marriage and children.

Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) and her mother, Marion (Lisa Langlois), can train and care for unfortunate horses simply by listening to them.

Amy, 16, moves in with her grandfather, Jack Bartlett (Shaun Johnston), at Heartland ranch after Marion (Lisa Langlois) dies tragically while saving a horse, Spartan. Lou Fleming (Michelle Morgan), Amy’s older sister, returns from New York. The sisters grieve losing their mother while working to save the family’s bankrupt ranch.

Amy begins working with Spartan, honing her horse-whispering skills and demonstrating that she has a specific talent for assisting horses. 

The ranch eventually welcomes more horses. Ty Borden (Graham Wardle), a young man who works for Marion before her death as a farmhand, remains on at the ranch and becomes a family member. Georgie (Alisha Newton), Lou’s preteen daughter, joins the family in the sixth season.

Heartland's Impact on the Viewers

For 15 years, Heartland held the viewers’ love and attention as it followed the life of a young lady and her family. The story’s foundation is built on both happy and sad incidents. Their familial unit’s authenticity is incredibly appealing.

Things change since then, but the show’s heart and soul remain the same. It’s still a show about family values, personal difficulties, hardship, and successes, all wrapped up in life lessons and a sense of humor. 

Each event faces the strength of the family unit, the character of the roles portrayed by the performers, and the absence of political posturing as life unfolds for the characters. Heartland absorbs each viewer into the family unit, causing them to experience the same emotional ups and downs as the family. 

Heartland’s enduring influence does not only bring families together but has also heals and transforms countless lives.

Will there be Heartland Season 16?

Fans are eagerly waiting for a piece of good news about the new season since the 15th season ends in December of last year. While the show’s popularity is undeniable, the CBC has another motive to accept Heartland Season 16 this year.

Heartland is renewed for Season 16 by CBC, with new episodes to premiere in the fall of 2022. Heartland Season 16 will contain 15 hour-long episodes, unlike the previous season, which had ten episodes, so this is an increase.

It’s hard to believe that there will soon be almost 250 episodes accessible to watch for free on CBC Gem, which presently has 234 episodes from 15 seasons. For the 16th season, which will premiere this fall on CBC and CBC Gem, they will also add15 new episodes.

What to Expect in Heartland Season 16?

Season 16 of Heartland promises new beginnings for Amy and some other characters. Lou and Peter reunite, and it will be fascinating to see how they proceed as a family.

Meanwhile, Lyndy has begun kindergarten, and we can expect her to bring home new friends and embark on her own adventures. Amy is the head of operations, and Logan is a permanent assistant; the equine treatment center should be one of the season’s highlights.

Fans are understandably ecstatic about the prospect of Amy finding a new love interest. She was not considering a new partner last season but became more open to the notion this season. Any man in Ty’s position would have to be just as intelligent, loving, and caring as he was.

We may expect the core cast to return to Heartland in Season 16 except for Ty. He was shot in the Season 13 finale and died at the beginning of the 14th season due to a blood clot that developed in his gunshot wound.


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