What Happened on the Last Season of Criminal Minds? (S15)


Criminal Minds Season 15 Brief Recap

When mutilated victims appear in the Washington metropolitan area, Rossi believes they are the work of serial killer Everett Lynch aka “The Chameleon” (Michael Mosley). Everett nearly killed him and vanished. Meanwhile, Reid and Jennifer Jareau “JJ” (Aj Cook) are coping with an uncomfortable issue.

The team’s pursuit of Everett Lynch and his daughter Grace continues with a member of the BAU team in the hospital following an encounter with him (Alex Jennings). Meanwhile, Dr Spencer Reid, still reeling from recent events, pays a visit to his mother, Diana Reid (Jane Lynch), during a period of clarity.

When a mother and daughter are in the hospital in Tennessee due to a postal bombing, the BAU looks for a serial bomber who appears to be picking his victims based on personal vendettas.

BAU Discovers Crime Match

While the crew relaxes on a Saturday, Garcia becomes intimately involved after a competitor in her hacking competition admits to having a stalker, and Reid meets Maxine (Rachael Leigh Cook).

The BAU team discovers the crimes match those of a sniper they hunted down fifteen years ago when several individuals were murdered in a wave of shootings in Des Plaines, Illinois. Still, their view of the deaths alters dramatically when two of their own are kidnapped.

Reid is forced into another meeting with hitwoman Cat Adams (Aubrey Plaza). It happens when a father and daughter are kidnapped in Washington, DC, jeopardizing his date arrangements with Maxine.

The BAU. connects three brutally murdered men in Denver to a mental delusion involving false memories and the Schrödinger equation. Meanwhile, Prentiss considers the future of her long-distance relationship with Special Agent Andrew Mendoza (Stephen Bishop).

When the bodies of businessmen and prostitutes are discovered in Beaumont, Texas, the BAU is confronted with a killer with contradictory motives. During this time, Prentiss and J.J. both struggle to make judgments on unexpected job offers.

Without Everett

One year after Rossi’s near-death experience, he flies to Reno, Nevada, to follow up on a lead on Everett Lynch, and figure out his new goals. They must, however, deal with Lynch’s mother (Sharon Lawrence), who has her own purpose, which leads to a shocking conclusion.

In the Criminal Minds series finale, Reid is about to pass out because he is hurt in the head after being close to the explosion. As his brain tries to stay rational, he slips out and hallucinates.

As the rest of the team adjusts to life without Everett Lynch, they bid their goodbyes. The rest of the group assumes the man is dead and moves on. Rossi discusses his plans to retire. He reaches the age when he can no longer chase criminals as effectively as he once could and is ready to leave the team.

JJ received a job offer in New Orleans. It draws her husband closer to his family and opens doors for her. She is considering declining the offer because receives a better offer. Prentiss informs her that the BAU needs reconstruction.

Lynch is Alive

Prentiss is considering becoming the new Director of the FBI, and she wants JJ to step in and fill her shoes. However, the job offer is withdrawn. They inform Prentiss that she is no longer in the running for Director, which impacted JJ as well.

The team reunites, although Reid is absent. They want to review the case and discover that Everett Lynch is still alive. They pursued him, and he’s likely to follow them as well.

Everett will launch an offensive on their own turf. They were expecting it, so JJ went to visit Reid. She wants to warn him but never expects to find him on the floor with convulsions.

They rush Dr Reid to the hospital. JJ wishes to remain with him. Garcia persuades her to join the rest of the team because they will need JJ more in the future. All hands on deck to find Everett, JJ joins the others. They can’t afford to allow Reid’s health to prevent them from tracking down a serial killer.

Protection for Everyone

They have protection for everyone since they know he is after their families. They believe it protects their families. Meanwhile, they have no idea Everett is planning to assassinate a guard and get access to Rossi’s house through deception.

Rossi’s wife is held captive by Everett. Krystal goes out of her house and learns to drive. When Rossi checks in, she is going. She expresses her regret to him and opens the door after claiming to have seen the badge. When Everett speaks, she apologizes. Rossi is into Everett’s final game, and he wants the man to know it.

He plays with Rossi and demands a jet, which the team tries to prevent. They inform him that they lack a captain. He claims to have been a captain.

Rossi interrupts him and asks that Everett take him instead of Krystal as a prisoner. Thus the two are swapped, and Krystal is freed. Rossi is kidnapped and taken aboard the team’s private jet. The rest of the squad believes this is the final act.

Rossi and Gideon have hidden weapons on the plane, and Prentiss is waiting for Rossi to fight back. He manages to free himself from his handcuffs and sneaks up behind Everett and tries to kill him with a weapon. Everett fought back.

No Hope for Everett

Rossi is hurt and wants to get off the plane. He returns to his colleagues, freeing up their hands. They then begin firing at the aircraft. The fuel tank is punctured, so JJ uses it to light a fuse. She uses a flare gun to fire. Meanwhile, the fuel ignites, and the plane goes up in flames and kills Everett, and there is no hope for him this time.

The squad is now free to put this entire ordeal behind them, and they did just that. They greet Reid with open arms when he is freed from the hospital.

At Rossi’s house, they all meet up. Rossi arranges another lavish bash, and they all get to bid Garcia farewell. She was, in fact, the first to leave. She obtains a position with a local organization and will remain in the region. That’s fortunate since Alvez invites her to dinner.

At the office, Garcia says his farewell once more. The team is working on a new case.

Criminal Minds Quick Facts

  • an American police procedural crime drama TV show
  • created and produced by Jeff Davis
  • premiered on CBS on September 22, 2005
  • concluded on February 19, 2020
  • throughout its 15-year run, it has been one of CBS’s most popular series
  • Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders are two spin-off shows

Plot Summary

The TV show follows a group of FBI criminal profilers who work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). They use behavioral analysis and profiling to assist in the investigation of crimes and the search for the unsub (unknown subject). Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner and later Emily Prentiss supervise the team.

A crack squad of FBI profilers flies from Quantico to the epicenter of several serial killers’ illicit activity in this crime series. They examine evidence from crime scenes, create a profile, and attempt to avert the next fatal strike.

Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin), the bureau’s top thinker, left after some difficult decisions. The team was eventually taken over by his more bookish operational right-hand man Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner (Thomas Gibson). Following Gideon’s departure, David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), who had previously resigned, returns to the bureau in an attempt to make a difference in people’s lives by following up on a case he worked on years before.

Dr Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), who is still a teenager, is an expert on everything except real life. Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) is a bright computer genius with access to any database, etc. Cooperation with local police and FBI agents is necessary because they are mobile. Still, it often causes jurisdictional and other issues, as do certain witnesses and suspects.

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