_RHOSLC_ Lisa Barlow Appears To Diss Someone

“RHOSLC” Lisa Barlow Appears To Be Attacking Costars In Her Recent Cryptic Post


Another big potential is that this would spark a fresh housewives drama.

Lisa Barlow wrote a mysterious message to someone, probably in the cast of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” in her recent Instagram post, which spurred conjecture among fans as to who she was addressing it to.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“Stop being a miserable f*ck- it’s really not attractive,” she stated, ending the post with a love emoji.

Castmate Heather Gay, on the other hand, uploaded a photograph of Miss Piggy’s legs in response to the “LUXE” founder’s message, writing “Miserable F*cks,” beside the photograph.

Not only that but she decided to tagged three of her castmates Jen, Meredith, and Angie Harrington. This added to the mystery as to what her motivation is and whether it has anything to do with her and the costars she tagged.

According to Reality Blurb, during the show’s last season, Lisa branded Meredith Marks a “whore” on camera and said she slept with half of New York, therefore ending their long friendship.

Jen Shah’s connection with her dwindled as well, owing to Jen’s perception that the real housewife abandoned her in the midst of her legal woes. In addition, Jen and Meredith, who had been rivals before, chose to rekindle their friendship, probably as a result of this.
Lisa has yet to comment to Heather’s antics, leaving fans to speculate as to what truly transpired behind the scenes and who she was referring to in the cryptic tweet.

The news was first reported by Reality Blurb.

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@BIBLEGIRL222 WHEN IS THE BIBLE BARLOW 3.0 ERA?! I sense gold from #RHOSLC happening.

Me to myself while stuck in Kansas last night

*Searches RHOSLC cast member Twitter feeds for any signs of being miserable* #ILoveItLisa

The Mormon church is ok with this kinda language? #RHOSLC

the girls are fighting 😭

okay you know what? i will be seated for s3

don’t be shy give the receipts!!!!

i hope this is about Meredith

Spilled tbh

hopefully this isn’t about Mer or I will really have to end my deep love for LB

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