Who’s Richer Google or Apple?


Apple is richer than Google. Apple has a net worth of $2450 billion, while Samsung has a net worth of $1210 billion.

Apple Inc is a very well multinational technology company in the United States that specializes in consumer electronics, applications, and online networks. Apple Inc., formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc., is an American multinational corporation that manufactures laptops, cellular phones, tablets, computer peripherals, and software applications. That was the first effective computer company responsible for popularizing the software application. As of May 2022, Apple is the world’s second-richest corporation, the leading telecommunications company in sales, the fourth-largest personal computer supplier in unit sales, and the second-largest mobile phone producer. This is one of the Big Five American software industries, along with Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft.

Google is an American corporation best known as a web browser. Google also offers a diverse range of online products and services. The World Wide Web systems that make Google the most popular global website are different apps like Google Maps, Gmail, Google News, Google Phone, Google Calendar, Google Groups, Google Translate, and many more. Google handles more than 70% of global internet search engine demands, putting it at the core of most Web users’ experiences. Google initially started as an online search company. Still, it now provides more than numerous Internet products and services, ranging from e-mail and online document processing to mobile phone and tablet computer software.

How Apple Got So Rich


Apple Inc. has formed a distinct national reputation in the electronic industry through its vision of the world of correct and comprehensive design artistic and special marketing efforts. Apple has a significant following of customers, particularly in the United States. Apple Computer, Inc. was founded in California by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. During the first 30 years, the company has been known as “Apple Computer, Inc.” However, in January 2007, the corporation chose to drop the term “Computer” to reflect the customers and improve expansion in the electronic industry.

Apple became the first publicly-traded company in the United States to be appreciated at much more than a trillion dollars in August 2018, followed by another trillion dollars in August 2020, and finally an extensive $3 trillion in January 2022. The corporate entity is every once in a while chastised for the working conditions of its contractors, their long-term impact, and their corporate responsibility. Despite this, the company views the brand positively and is one of the best global brands. Among Apple, the better product lines seem to be Mac computers, the iPod, and the iPhone. Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system, the iTunes media browser, the iLife suite of interactive media and product research and development tools, the iWork suite of productivity tools, and Final Cut Studio, a suite of expert sound and cinematography software applications. The company operates several hundred large retail stores in various countries, an online marketplace, and the iTunes Store.

How Google Got So Rich

Google logo

Google, in total Google LLC, formerly Google Inc. named from 1998–to 2017, is an American web search company that was established in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page and is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Google handles more than 70% of global online search requests, putting it at the heart of most Internet users’ experiences. The company’s headquarters are located in Mountain View, California.

Google began as an online search company, but it now provides more than plenty of Website products and services, ranging from e-mail and online document creation to mobile phone and tablet computer software. Furthermore, its 2012 acquisition of Motorola Mobility enabled it to make sales in the form of mobile phones. Google, along with Apple, IBM, and Microsoft, has been among the four largest powerful companies in the more significant marketplace due to its broad product offering and size. Despite its wide range of product lines, its initial search tool is the foundation of its success. In 2016, Google advertising depending on the user search requests, provided nearly all of Alphabet’s revenue.

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