How Can I Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism? 6 Celebrity Role Models

Hypothyroidism is a health condition that causes weight gain, among many other symptoms. People who have hypothyroidism may find it hard to lose weight. The condition causes the body not to produce enough thyroid hormones, which help control growth, cell repair, and metabolism. Those diagnosed with the disorder experience symptoms like tiredness, hair loss, and […]

Bachelorette’s Michelle Young Confirms Split With Nayte Olukoya

Michelle Young And Nayte Olukoya Parted Ways

This news comes after she recently denied rumors that they have broken up. Michelle Young, the former Bachelorette star, and her now-ex-fiancé Nayte Olukoya have chosen to call it quits after less than a year of engagement. Both of them took to social media to address their breakup and give their followers an update on […]

Actor Chris Hemsworth’s “Thor” Role Was Secured Thanks To This Film

Chris Wouldn't Be _Thor_ If It Weren't For This Movie

He has been playing as God of Thunder since 2011. Chris Hemsworth has played Thor throughout several Marvel films, and his depiction of the character has earned him a huge fan base. The actor is grateful not just for the affection we have shown him for playing the God of Thunder, but also for being […]

Ezra Miller And His Legal Issues Are Finally Being Addressed By Warner Bros.

The Future of Ezra Miller In DC Is Now Uncertain

He and his difficulties had dragged the company down. Warnes Bros. is now slowly taking action in response to Ezra Miller’s multiple legal issues, which grabbed headlines and put the “Flash” films in jeopardy. The company wants the actor out of the picture, so they may now ultimately say goodbye to their iconic DC character. […]