Chris Wouldn't Be _Thor_ If It Weren't For This Movie

Actor Chris Hemsworth’s “Thor” Role Was Secured Thanks To This Film


He has been playing as God of Thunder since 2011.

Chris Hemsworth has played Thor throughout several Marvel films, and his depiction of the character has earned him a huge fan base.
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The actor is grateful not just for the affection we have shown him for playing the God of Thunder, but also for being placed in a film that allowed him to play the well-known hero.

Hemsworth made his acting debut in “Star Trek” and because of this, he has not only been one of the country’s most popular stars in the world, but he has also landed the part of Thor.

“I shot Star Trek and then I had about eight or nine months where I couldn’t get a job,” Hemsworth said in an interview with Vanity Fair. “And then the film came out and it gave me some momentum and I had auditioned for Thor a few times, didn’t get a callback.”

“I then had the opportunity to have another callback. Star Trek had come out, Kenneth Branagh had seen it. I do think it helped in many, many ways. I think J.J. Abrams and Kenneth had a conversation.”

“The initial audition I sent or the tape was with my mom and I and my mom was reading as Anthony Hopkins,” the actor added. “So, I don’t know, maybe it was her read that somehow influenced or swayed the vote there.”

Furthermore, despite his gratitude for the film, he has yet to reprise his character in another “Star Trek” film, but will seize the opportunity if it arises. His forthcoming Marvel feature, “Thor: Love and Thunder,” on the other hand, might be his final Marvel film.

“The last one I just shot was ‘Thor: Love and Thunder…’ and it may be my last, I don’t know,” he hinted during his appearance in Wired’s auto-complete interview. “I love playing Thor – played it for many many years and would continue to do so if people wanted me to.”

The fourth standalone “Thor” film, “Love and Thunder,” will be released in theaters in July 8 of this year.

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Chris Hemsworth is not a good actor. He’s a good Thor, not phenomenal, def replaceable. The Thor standalone movies are blah like fillers. I don’t take him serious in serious roles. Comedic? Depends on how big the role is. But these are just my opinions

Lol, Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek. Why did they lose? They had Thor! #startrek #marvel

Just watched Chris Hemsworth die in #StarTrek only to be reincarnated as #Thor. Wow, what a transformation

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