Who’s Richer Jake or Logan Paul? Battle of the YouTube Brothers


Logan Paul is richer than Jake Paul. Logan has a net worth of $45 million, while Jake Paul has a net worth of $30 million.

Logan Paul is a YouTuber and social media individual from the United States. He has been running the Impulsive podcast since November 2018 and writing on his own YouTube channel. He presently has more than 23 million subscribers on YouTube as of January 2022.

Jake Paul rose to prominence on Vine, and when that social media platform died, he shifted his focus to YouTube. He gained popularity and now has 19.7 million subscribers, just short of his brother Logan, who has 19.9. Vlogs are frequently featured in Paul’s videos.

How Logan Got So Rich

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is an American YouTuber, boxing champion, social media personality, and actor. Logan Paul’s net worth is calculated to be $45 million. (1) Logan Paul’s career began with IRL videos, but he has recently established himself in professional sports and card collecting. As a boxer, the YouTuber had a successful career, competing in high-profile fights against opponents such as Floyd Mayweather.

A Vine comprehensive list of his work was made into a YouTube compilation video and posted. The first week it was life in April 2014, the video received over four million views. He quickly surpassed 4 million Vine followers and was decided to hire to start creating paid videos for HBO, Pepsi, Virgin Mobile, and other companies. In 2015, Logan was ranked as one of the most influential Vine personalities, with his short videos earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars each. Paul decided to move his act to YouTube after Vine shut down.

So apart from YouTube, he owns and controls the highly profitable merch company Maverick Apparel. Maverick generated more than $40 million in sales in its first nine months of operation. He has been hosting the ‘Impulsive’ podcast since November 2018. Logan and his brother Jake have recently made the switch to professional boxing. He makes money from ad revenue, sponsorships, and his podcast, in addition to YouTube revenue. Logan Paul is said to earn $150,000 for sponsored Facebook and Instagram posts, respectively.

How Jake Got So Rich


Jake is continuously one of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world, earning between $20 million and $40 million per year. Jake received media attention after the music video for his 2017 single “It is Everyday Bro” went viral on YouTube. He is YouTube sensation Logan Paul’s younger brother. According to Forbes, Jake Paul has a net worth of 45 million dollars, nearly 90 percent of which comes from his boxing career. (2) It was Paul’s first appearance on the list of the Highest-Paid YouTubers compiled by the outlet us. Jake Paul was one of the celebrities who became famous when TikTok became popular worldwide. Jake Paul’s social media career began on the latter, already visual platform, where he amassed a million followers. Later, he transitioned from touchscreen to small screen, co-starring as Dirk Mann on the Disney Channel comedy series Bizaardvark with a young Olivia Rodrigo. He later left the show while Season 2 was in production.

Jake is gradually resuming his career as a professional boxer after transitioning from YouTube. As a result, Jake’s boxing record is four fights, four wins, three by knockout, and one by split decision. As a result, Jake’s boxing career started off well. Jake, known for his extensive endurance training and clinical striking, has undoubtedly made a lot of money from his fights.


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