How Did Bryan Cranston Lose Weight For “Breaking Bad”?

Bryan Cranston's portrayal in "Breaking Bad" has led him to lose weight.

Bryan Cranston is an American actor known for his portrayal of Walter White in “Breaking Bad,” which ran from 2008 to 2013. He played the lead character in the AMC crime-drama series, and he had to do a lot of preparations for his role, including losing weight.

The 66-year-old actor, whose real name is Bryan Lee Cranston, was very dedicated to his work. He puts his 100 percent effort into every project, including the Fox sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle.” But perhaps, one of his notable programs was “Breaking Bad.”

Reportedly, Bryan had to lose weight to play Walter White’s character well. He had to portray the role of a cancer patient, so he underwent body transformation to make his portrayal as realistic as possible. There are a few processes that he followed to shed some pounds.

Bryan Cranston's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Bryan’s successful weight loss:

  • He hired a professional coach to help him lose weight
  • Health coach Jackie Keller helped the actor manage his eating habits
  • He emphasizes the importance of right portion and healthy foods
  • He limits his calorie consumption every day and cuts down sugar
  • He does cardio and goes for a run every day
  • He also had to lose weight for his 2016 film, “Wakefield”
  • He tried using Fat Blast

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Bryan Cranston hired a professional coach to help him with his weight loss process.

The first step Bryan did to lose weight was to hire a trainer that could help him with his weight loss journey. He met professional health coach Jackie Keller, who helped many people fight obesity. During the process, she said the actor enjoys eating healthy food and “losing weight wasn’t a battle.

The professional health coach helped Bryan manage his eating habits and corrected some of his mistakes. The major goal is to maintain a healthy and good body shape during the entire “Breaking Bad” shooting and until the awards season.

The actor and his coach focused their goal on keeping fit rather than weight loss. Since Bryan had no issues with his weight or obesity, they didn’t have to focus more on losing weight. They emphasized the importance of the right portions and eating healthy foods.

Meanwhile, there have been speculations that the actor may have gone extreme to lose weight. In a 2014 interview with Howard Stern, Bryan answered the questions and rumors about why he quickly shed pounds on his role as Walter White on “Breaking Bad.”

When asked if it’s true whether he deliberately didn’t eat for ten days, he responded: “False.” The actor said that his weight loss was all because of taking all the carbohydrates from his diet. He also revealed that he dropped 16 pounds after ten days.

“The first three days are really hard, ’cause your body’s changing and craving sugar and wants, you know, and when you deprive it of the sugar, and it starts burning fat,” Bryan answered when asked if the process was painful.

Bryan Cranston's healthy eating habits and exercise helped him lose weight immediately.

The Walter White actor’s healthy eating habits helped him lose weight quickly. He limits his consumption of calories per day and cuts down sugar in his diet, which is both huge help for his journey. He also does cardio and goes for a run every day.

After a month, he reportedly succeeded in losing 30 pounds. Bryan admitted that food was his weakness. Since he enjoys eating and the process at the same time, he had to balance them up. The good thing was that he was successful in doing that by not letting himself starve.

Snacking was one of his solutions. Wherever the actor goes, he always ensures he has some dried fruits or mixed nuts with him. Another thing is that he never skips meals – he had to eat wisely and got used to doing it regularly.

Apart from cardio and running, it is unclear what else the actor did to maintain his weight. But considering his fit and toned body, he may have tried other sports and trained hard. And although “Breaking Bad” has already ended, he still follows his healthy habits.

Aside from "Breaking Bad," Bryan Cranston also had to lose weight for another role.

Bryan starred in the 2016 film “Wakefield,” where he played the role of Howard Wakefield, a successful attorney in New York City. The latter is unhappy in his marriage of fifteen years to Diana (Jennifer Garner), a beautiful art curator and former dancer.

Many noticed his apparent weight loss in the movie. Again, there have been a lot of questions as to why he had to cut down pounds again. This time, the actor gave a clear answer behind his weight loss journey and what he did to achieve it.

“It’s for my new movie ‘Wakefield,'” he said. “I play a scavenger. And a scavenger can’t look fat,” Bryan said, via PageSix.

The actor added that he had to play the character of a homeless person, so he must lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. He managed to shed 16 pounds and revealed that he had tried the product called Fat Blast.

“A friend recommended drinking a doctor in Canada’s portion of nutrition. He sent it to me. It tastes like a smoothie. Reducing your intake, squeeze it out as you want it, it’s 3 ¹/₂ ounces per package.”

Bryan further noted that diets don’t work for him since he couldn’t count how much food he had already consumed. Eventually, he learned about Fat Blast and tried using it. The actor revealed that the product helped him with his intermittent fasting experience.

“This product is a little pouch. And I would take it and squeeze of this throughout the day, and it would sustain my energy. It was very helpful. I couldn’t believe it. In just two days, I lost six pounds,” he shared.

Bryan began fasting, which helped his body a lot. The process was said to be particularly helpful for the organs as it gives them a situation of rest. Thus, the method the actor followed for “Wakefield” was entirely different compared to what he did in “Breaking Bad.”

“I use the product once or twice a week. It is very helpful. I keep it in the freezer, it’s like a kids’ juicy thing. It just works for me, and I’m happy with the results,” Bryan added about Fat Blast.

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