Australian Man Fends Off Crocodile With Only A Frying Pan As Weapon

Australian Man Fends Off Crocodile With Only A Frying Pan As Weapon

The seemingly fearless Goat Island owner strikes the crocodile with a frying pan.

Who would have known Rapunzel’s frying pan weapon will be useful in times of danger?
The man who resided in Australia and was also a pub owner in the Northern Territory garnered different reactions on social media after seeing how he hits the crocodile, twice, with a frying pan.
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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The man in the clip is named Kai Hansen has seen walking down the wooden staircase with a frying pan. The large predator seems at peace at first but, then suddenly it charged toward the man. Fortunately for Kai Hansen, he managed to smack its snout twice with the only weapon he has in his hand.
After receiving the smack from Kai Hansen, the big crocs accept his defeat and went back to the water.
Kai Hansen, the Goat Island Owner, was asked in an interview regarding what was going through his mind at that very moment.

“Well, I had 20 people about to leave and get back to the helicopters. As you may know, this is very popular part of the heli pub crawl and heli fishing and all that sort of stuff. And then Casey had decided, well, couldn’t get down to her normal spot, so she lay very close to the track,” he stated.

“So, I just stood between the track and her, like I’ve done a couple of times here recently, but that day she decided to have a go at me, and it happened so quickly you don’t have time to think. You just do what you have to do,” he added in an interview at that time with ABC Australia.

The short clip also received quips from different individuals.
Some people who viewed the clip showed amazement toward Kai Hansen after standing up fearless against the massive predator.
However, most people shared quips about the crocodile and the frying pan.

“Gotta learn to carry a frying pan in my weapons arsenal, it looks handy,” a user commented.

“They must’ve known each other for so long, growing up being smacked with a frying pan.. the croc never learns,” a user wrote.

“The croc was lucky he didn’t use a cast-iron skillet,” another user added with a funny remark, while the other said, “He learned that to Rapunzel.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Some individuals show concern for the big fella saying they are intruding on a wild animal’s territory and must leave the animals alone.

“The crocodile wasn’t doing anything and was in its natural environment,” a user wrote on social media.

“This is cruel. Signals warning of dangers. He is there to set up this post. Cruel!” a user added.

“[I] don’t agree with getting him to come for food, then hitting him! Dreadful way to treat an animal,” another user commented.

Nonetheless, the crocodile’s attack may be dangerous but, Kai Hansen was able to not let it harm him, and ended with no wounds or injury. Hoping the massive predator would cause no harm in the near future.

Reactions to Australian Man Fend Off Crocodile With Only A Frying Pan As Weapon

They built different out in Florida man. Hitting a Gator with a cast iron skillet is nuts 🤣


The most Australian thing is fighting off a crocodile with a frying pan


In today’s Australian news: man fights off crocodile with a frying pan


“Right you, get to fk you wee bastard, fking shuuhhhh.”


The brave Florida man in his natural environment.


He carrying around a frying pan like brock


Never underestimate the utility of cast iron skillet....


"animal abuse"


The pan is mightier than the sword...


Did... Did this guy seriously just bonk a crocodile on the head with a frying pan... AND IT WORKED?!


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