How Did Fran Parman Lose Weight? Her Diet & Exercise

Fran Parman Before and After Weight Loss

People on social media constantly trolled her because of her weight.

Fran Parman is a British reality television personality best known for her participation in the ITV2 series “The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE)” throughout the course of seven series from 2014 to 2017. Fran subsequently left the program, and she has not mentioned her intention to return.

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Fran recently posted a picture on social media showing off her slimmer figure alongside James Argent, another TOWIE co-star who has also started a weight loss journey.  Fans of the show are amazed by how big their transformation has been since they last saw the two of them on television screens.

“From us being really down about our weight last year and pushing each other to remind each other we can do this,” she captioned their photo. “I’m so proud of us!! I think we can safely say we’ve smashed it. From going to school, church & working together thank you for always being like a big brother.”

She concluded her post by praising and congratulating James. People on the internet also praised and commended the two of them, subsequently leading to questions about how they could achieve it.

Fran Parman has been open about her weight loss journey.

The Instagram post wasn’t Fran’s first time opening up about her weight loss journey. She has a long history of sharing her weight loss journey with fans on social media. Various weight-loss-related photos and videos can be seen on her account, such as her before and after pictures or weighing herself on the scale to check her progress.

The reality star recorded herself using her scales in May 2021 and setting a target weight loss of three stones. “I’m gonna step on the scales, ok, so 12 stone, fantastic. It’s gotta go,” she said at that time. “So my goal is to lose three stone.”

In addition, she shared a before-and-after photo of herself in November of the same year, claiming that she had looked back at her old images to remind herself of how “unhappy and unhealthy” she had been, which had prevented her from repeating her unhealthy relationship with food.

“I forget how far I’ve come sometimes in the space of 6 months. I can see myself forming bad food @fransfoodsuk habits again during this winter. Seeing all the new Christmas foods to try is extremely hard,” she admitted.

“When you have bad food habits like me I try look at photos like this to remind myself how unhappy and unhealthy I was and it stops me from going back to eating crappy. Its going to be hard this winter I feel like I’ve gained a couple of pounds already but I’m ok with that as I’ve made my self aware.”

She gave a piece of advice at the conclusion of her caption, which is to learn your triggers. “No ones perfect, take time with it and you will get there in the end 🥰 happy holidays enjoy yourself because weight comes and goes and it’s completely normal 🥰”

The television personality also published another before-and-after photo of herself in January of this year, along with the statement, “I was so unhappy and unhealthy in the first picture that I videoed my self and said no more, I needed to make a change and I did it. I feel the best I’ve ever felt at the minute and I want to help anyone that was going through a tough time like I was.”

What are Fran Parman's diet and "Frans Food"?

Fran established “Frans Food” to assist those who have similar difficulties losing weight as she did. According to its Instagram bio and site, the reality star herself established the supplement line and believed all of her creations to be vegan. Her brand also offers food plans, mentality plans, and exercise plans.

Her objective is to help those who are battling with weight loss achieve the same level of happiness and health as she has by sharing her experience with them.

Every time she shared any of her weight loss progress online, she made sure to include an advertisement for her product. Fran published a picture of herself in April 2021 wearing a nude dress with white stripes underneath, writing, “@fransfoodsuk Lost two and a half stone now guys 💃💃 I also have unfortunately lost my muscle too due to not being able to weight train in lock down.”

“I’m very open about my journey and what my next steps are to become the best healthy version of myself, so this is why I’ve posted these images, you can see I’ve lost my weight but now it’s time to gain muscles. I have created a little something for you that will hopefully help with your weight loss journey like it has mine which will be released this week! Now come follow me and my journey to becoming strong, fit and healthy 💪”

Does Fran Parman work out?

Before, Fran Parman rarely exercised at all, but she is now working out to shed some pounds. Her bodily transformation started in August after she retaliated against online trolls who made derogatory remarks about her weight when she wore a body-hugging white outfit. Although it is unknown what kind of exercise she performs, she is frequently spotted walking her dog and wearing gym clothes.

Fran Parman shares weight loss tips with her followers.

Fran gave some weight loss advice in addition to her progress. One of them, in her opinion, was using a fasting app and eating snacks without sugar. She continues advising everyone to research themselves before adopting her advice.

Along with maintaining a healthy diet, she also has another secret: she drinks apple cider vinegar. “I had my help with my apple cider as well but I was on a healthy diet obviously and I didn’t exercise too much cos it was lockdown but I am exercising now as well.”

“It’s amazing I’m really proud of myself,” she said of her journey. “I know I sound big headed but to achieve this I just want anyone that’s going through it just to remind yourself of that feeling like wow yeah i’ve done it.”

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