Jordan Peterson Meat Diet

What Is Jordan Peterson’s Meat Diet? Loses Weight & Fights Disease?


He is adhering to a diet that has a lengthy history of controversy over its safety.

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson also has the title of author, YouTube star, and an emeritus professor at the University of Toronto. In the late 2010s, he began to gain a wide-ranging reputation as a public intellectual attributable to his sometimes described as conservative views on social, political, and cultural matters.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Along with sharing his opinions on social, political, and cultural issues, he has been transparent about his weight-loss journey, particularly the diet that made him healthier and had positive effects on his body. The recovery of our bodies from sickness is significantly helped by a disciplined diet. However, this diet he shared isn’t just a diet to Jordan; it’s a way of life.

Jordan Peterson's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Jordan’s successful weight loss:

  • He follows meat diet
  • He reportedly stopped eating everything except meat
  • She tried different diets before turning to meat diet

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Jordan Peterson's Meat Diet

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

For both health experts and the general public, the diet has long been a controversial topic. Today’s society and medical professionals are still plagued with diet-related problems and uncertainties. The carnivore diet is one of the more divisive eating plans.

Only three components make up Jordan Peterson’s well-known meat diet: meat, salt, and water. You might feel nauseous just from hearing those three, but you read it correctly—those three foods are the only things he eats.

“That’s it, and I never cheat. Ever. Not even a little bit,” he said. The author even shared how he liked his meat; in his very own words, “beef seasoned with the debate is so appealing.”

Along with his daughter Mikhaila Peterson, the professor is not the only one who adheres to this stringent diet. But because she finds her father’s diet ludicrous, she adopts a different kind of carnivore diet, eating exclusively ruminant meat from cattle or any wild and domesticated bovines, goats, sheep, giraffes, and so on. Her diet helped her lose roughly 60 pounds, and Jordan’s depression and anxiety had subsided.

Only eating meat and other animal products is the focus of the carnivorous diet. This diet is preferably low in carbohydrates, high in fat, and protein.

Jordan Peterson had decided to stop eating everything but meat after seeing improvements in both of their health.

Jordan acknowledged to podcast host Joe Rogan that his most recent book, which gave brief details of the life of his daughter Mikhaila, had inspired him to give up all food except meat because of her remarkable improvements in health.

He provided a look into his daughter’s health struggles during her youth in an interview with Joe Rogan, stating, “She has an unbelievably serious autoimmune disease.”

When asked by Rogan what it was, he responded, “It’s arthritis, but there’s way more to it than that, but the arthritis was the major set of symptoms.”

“She had 40 affected joints, and she had to have her hip replaced, and her ankle replaced when she was 15 and 16, and so she basically hobbled around on two broken legs for two years in extreme agony, and that was just a tiny fraction of the whole set of problems.”

Jordan claims that she is doing well, which makes it to the point where it is “absolutely beyond comprehension” despite the aforementioned medical issues she has had and having her ankle replacement changed again at the time of the interview.

He furthermore claimed that all of her “autoimmune system symptoms are gone, all of them,” as well as her depression and other medical problems associated with her severe autoimmune disease.

For his part, he is also reportedly afflicted with other medical and mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, psoriasis, sleeping issues, and gingivitis. The meat diet made him lose 50 pounds in seven months, and he felt stronger and healthier than ever.

In 2019, he even posted a whiteboard animation on YouTube explaining why he exclusively ate meat, along with much more in-depth impacts on his physical and emotional wellbeing.

He can be heard in the video saying: “Within a week, I was 25% less anxious in the morning. Within two weeks, 75%, and I’ve been better every single day. I’ve been better every single day. I’m better now probably than I’ve ever been in my life, and I haven’t been taking antidepressants for a whole year.”

The more interesting part is that, in his viewpoint, his gum condition, which he claims to have had since he was 25 and was bad enough to require minor surgical procedures, has been completely cured by eating just meat. He also doesn’t seem to be nearly as hungry or experience issues with blood sugar dysregulation.

Before switching to a meat diet, Jordan Peterson consumed various diets.

Jordan stated in the same interview with Rogan that he tried other diets before starting the meat diet to see if they would also be successful for him, which they were. However, the meat diet has had a significant positive impact on his mind and body. He used to eat leafy greens before recently eliminating them from his diet and replacing them with sole meat.

“I’ve been on a pure carnivore diet for about two months and a pretty, very, very low carb, greens only, modified carnivore diet for about a year, and a low carb diet for two years,” he detailed, adding that he is “certainly intellectually at my best.”

“I’m stronger, I can swim better, and my gum disease is gone. It’s like, what the hell?” he stated of his result.

Although he may make it appear simple to maintain this diet, at one point, it had a negative impact on his social life. In an interview obtained by Big Think, he said, “I concur. When I first met my wife, she tried, gently, as people courting do, to explain why vegans, which I was at that time, are difficult to eat with.”

The father-daughter team’s incredible results can be viewed as evidence that the meat diet is both reliable and effective, despite the fact that its safety has long been a subject of debate. They don’t really encourage anyone to do this because it could be risky, and your body might not be able to manage the changes; instead, suggesting that you do your own research and see an expert.

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