Man Didn’t Pay For His Date; His Unbelievable Reason is?

Man Didn’t Pay For His Date: His Unbelievable Reason is?


A man was recorded by his date after asking for a separate check from the crew.

Not everything in this world is, indeed, can’t be claimed for free! So much for traditional courting standards that people used to have.

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In a romantic Applebee’s Grill + Bar, a popular restaurant in the United States is where the Tiktoker, virtually known as @Alaska.Gurl, and the man’s romantic date were held.

After the meal, her “almost” prince asked for a separate check and declared that he won’t be paying for her meals. The lady then exposed him for doing such after she refused to have sex with him.

The Tiktoker, @$alaskagurl2525, has two separate videos where she expressed in the first her disapproval after her date refused to pay for her meal. However, the second video can be seen that not everyone takes her side in that situation.

The TikTok video has now garnered more than 3 million views and is blasted with different opinions in the comment section, which somehow turns into a dating debate between the guy’s refusal to shoulder the bill and simple a way of saving money.
Most users in the comment shared quips about the difference in their bills.

“And your receipt was longer than his,” a user commented, while the other share the same thought, “Bro his bill was 15 and hers was 42.”

“He deserves better,” wrote which agreed by few. “King, you’re paying for your own food you ordered,” written by another user.

Some of them expressed sympathy towards the man that he had to deal with that kind of situation.

“It’s very sad and unfortunate that bro had to deal with this situation on the first date,” a user commented. “Who does she think she is expecting a stranger to pay for her meal and then demand him to take her home,” another user commented.

However, it was determined in the post that the couple in the viral video wasn’t on their first date, and he was her husband – which can be seen in her previous video.

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Someone come get booza

he said he gotta go to the bathroom in the first video go watch them on her TikTok (@ alaska.gurl)

No fade, no beard trim, A LOONEY TUNES SHIRT, and she thought he was gonna be a gentleman?

If he looks like that then what does Alaska.gurl look like?

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