Same-Sex Couple Found Out They Are Siblings?


A looking identical twin, Carley and Mercedes, discovered that there is a possibility they are related.

However, behind the shocking news, they didn’t stop their relationship.

The pair, who have been dating for two years, posted a revelation on TikTok that they might have been half-siblings after discovering their mothers had slept with the same man.

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The video captioned, “Should we even risk getting a DNA test?” and already garnered 8.8 million views as of now.
On another TikTok video they posted, they replied to its comment with, “If we’re actually related is it wrong to stay together?” which sparked debate between their followers, divided into two different opinions.
One user wrote after the other tells how wrong it is, saying, ”but they didn’t even know they’re family, there were no family connections before they started dating.”
The other user replied to the comment, “I still think you automatically should be more cautious of your relationship with your reunited fam. Rethink how you want the relationship to last.”
More people pinned the idea that the situation is incest and they must take a DNA test.
A user commented, “I think the risk would be NOT getting the DNA test.”
“Take the test please you have to know,” a user pleads.
Other comments pointed out how they look almost like twins, looking exactly the same features as each other.
“The resemblance is so clear ngl,” one commented.
“Y’all are literally twins like??” another user wrote.
“You guys look like twins…” one wrote.
However, some of the comments say it makes them believe that it was all stage play for views.
“I’m starting to believe that this is a hoax for views cause they look so much alike. no one would be happy about this. I can see adapting, but happy?” the user wrote.

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Pretty sure that’s called incest, but hey-ho!We just found out we might be siblings — but we're still dating, via @nzherald

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