Is He Drunk? Karnataka College Principal Gets Slapped By JD (S) MLA

Is He Drunk_ Karnataka College Principle Gets Slapped By JD (S) MLA

After watching MLA, M Srinivas, from Mandaya slap the principal, Naganand of the ITI college, people started to raise suspicion that he might be drunk.

However, the suspicion raised by the people is not confirmed, and the reason could be the dissatisfaction with his delayed and unanswered inquiry.
The politician was making a tour of the Nalwadi Krishna Raja Wediyar ITI College. Later, he called out the principal of the institution regarding the development work in the computer lab.

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The delay in response, and came a little late, probably triggered the Janata Dal (Secular) MLA to slap the principal in front of the staff and colleagues. The staff was not able to react immediately and stood there in shock.

However, principal Naganand did not only receive one slap but a couple of times. The MLA seemingly lost his temper when discussing the development work in the computer laboratory of the institute.

JD(S) MLC Marithibbe Gowda condemned the alleged assault on the principal. He addressed the assault as an “insult” to the teaching community. He also added that such behavior from an MLA would strike the morale of teachers, and asked Mr. Srinivas to apologize to principal Naganand.

The video soon went viral and created a storm on the social media platform. The majority was enraged with the abuse that happened.

“This is how education is getting treated in the country…no action will be taken against this illiterate,” a user wrote.

Another user believed that the incident must be taken legal action, “Dismiss the MLA and get him disqualified from contesting the elections. Criminal proceeding is needed.” Another user noted the same sentiment, “Proper action must be taken against the politician.”

Some user raises suspicion if the politician is drunk, “Looks drunk,” while the other presses, “Worst behavior.”

Reactions to Is He Drunk? Karnataka College Principal Gets Slapped By JD (S) MLA

And his leader calls Indian Army as Nazi's🤦


The man look totally drunk


Another dynastic party...on its way to oblivion.


Who has given power to the MLA ? Why not he should be disqualified?


Is he drunk?


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