Worst Service? AC Stops Functioning On Mumbai-Bound Flights, Passengers Show Disappointment


A viral video captured the desperate fanning of passengers after the AC stops working on the G8 2316 flight.

Unfortunate event is inevitable to happen in every situation. One can only hope that every cloud has a silver lining. However, in this case, no cloud has it.
The cooling system malfunctioned on a Go First flight, the Mumbai-based low-cost airline founded by GoAir, drew flak online. Some shared the same experience and threatened to boycott the airline’s services.

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The short clip shows a woman through the aisle escorting another woman seemingly close to passing out, other passengers on their respective seats desperately fanning themselves with inflight magazines. The video claimed three (3) people fainted, and majority felt uncomfortable and started sweating.

“No first aid kit or oximeter available in the flight,” The woman that was seen lending a hand speaks regarding the situation and addresses her disappointment.

She explained that there was a cancer patient on board and that the patient was feeling claustrophobic. Given the situation, she added that the pilot should have never taken off if the air conditioners were not working.

She also addresses her anger about paying Rs 12,000 for the ticket just to receive poor service. “A disgrace on the entire system,” she said in the video.

However, even though the airline had replied to the tweet, it did not tone down the disappointment felt by the people toward their services, but further irked how nonchalant their reply was.

“Hi, we thank you for reaching out to us, and we are with you in your time of need. Kindly share your PNR, contact number, and email ID via DM so our team can take a look,” the company replied to the tweet.

The majority expressed their anger and disappointment below the tweet, they shared their “horrible experiences” with the airline and urged them to take action, even with a “simple” malfunction of the AC could be dangerous.

“This is not a passenger problem. Not sure if the PNR is shared what Go First would do. Flight details were shared so you need to take action. If AC fails, the flight should have done emergency landing. It is an emergency.” a user wrote, other addresses that it was going on for some time now, saying “Surely Go first always had a bad service in all cases.”

“This is not the first time,” commented the other user. “Suspension orders to be passed that such flights should not function,” another user wrote.

In addition, people urged GoAir to always maintain safety standards to avoid possible danger to the passengers.

Reactions to Worst Service? AC Stops Functioning On Mumbai-Bound Flights, Passengers Show Disappointment

This is criminal and a immediate investigation needs to be done..all passengers should be refunded their fare and a compensation should be given ...where have we come to ??

Crazy.... How can you do this. I am shocked at the lack of passenger care n safety by your airline. @GoFirstairways

I will have to think about flying with @GoFirstairways the next time for sure if this is the case guys BEWARE

I definitely know now which airline to never fly again!! @GoFirstairways thanks @roshniwalia2001 for the heads up!!!

Indigo should return money

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