How Did Ferne McCann Lose Weight? Herbalife and Exercise

Ferne McCann Before and After Weight Loss

She claimed that she felt her sexiest following her weight loss.

Ferne Alice McCann, an English model, television personality, and presenter, is most known for her time spent as a cast member of “The Only Way Is Essex,” an ITVBe reality series, which she joined in the ninth season and left in the eighteenth.

After that, she took part in the fifteenth season of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” in 2015, when she placed third. She started reporting on the entertainment industry regularly for “This Morning” at the beginning of 2016; then, in 2017, the reality star appeared in the ITVBe reality series “Ferne McCann: First Time Mum.”

Everyone expects models to be in good physical shape from the start of their careers since, as we all know, the model’s physique is what people will first notice. Thankfully, this is no longer the case as we now accept models of all sizes and shapes, but Ferne still wants to maintain her figure using a variety of techniques, including diet and exercise.

Ferne McCann's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Ferne’s successful weight loss:

  • She maintains her figure through diet and exercise
  • She participated in Barry’s Bootcamp workout class in 2020
  • She does high-intensity interval training to burn calories
  • She introduces Shape It Up 6-Week Programme to assist fellow mothers to get back in shape
  • She’s an ambassador for the weight-loss program Herbalife

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Ferne McCann has always been candid regarding her weight loss journey and the strategies that have helped her.

Ferne has always been transparent about her attempts to lose weight, from posting pictures on social media to giving interviews and delivering talks about her experiences.

She remembered a time when her unhealthy lifestyle in the reality TV industry was making it difficult for her to get out of bed. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, she stated, “At my worst, I was feeling lethargic, no energy, sluggish and not motivated to go to work.”

She also disclosed, in her testimonial to Herbalife Nutrition, that she started changing the way her body looked as a result of being inspired by her friend Danielle Armstrong’s physical transformation. She had lost 21 pounds of body weight and added 7 pounds of lean muscle, drastically altering the form of her physique.

What workout did Ferne McCann do to shed some pounds?

Although Ferne McCann incorporates exercise to help her lose weight, she said in the same interview that she hadn’t used it much earlier in her life.

“Exercise has had a major impact on my life. I remember when I was filming for Towie, and there were some days where I used to think, ‘I don’t even want to get out of bed,'” she shared, adding, “I used to think that I was healthy, but I didn’t apply exercise to my life. It has a huge impact on your mental health. Me at my best now is feeling super energized, feeling fit and ready to seize the day.”

“Right now, I feel at my fittest, I feel at my healthiest, I feel at my strongest – and yes, you could say I feel at my sexiest as well.”

The reality personality participated in Barry’s Bootcamp workout class in 2020, which uses high-intensity interval training to burn up to 1000 calories while alternating between floor exercises and treadmills, according to The Daily Mail.

And just last year, she introduced her own Shape It Up 6-Week Programme to start in 2021, which was created to assist her fellow mothers in getting in shape by performing three 10-minute exercises at home around their children.

In the very same interview, Ferne said to The Sun, “It’s hard to believe that you can get a good workout in ten minutes – but you really can. These short sharp, intense workouts will get you sweating because it’s a program designed for busy mums.”

“And look, I believe that doing something is better than doing nothing. When you start or finish your day off with working out, you’re going to feel amazing.”

“If I’m exercising, it has to be fun and keep me engaged, so that’s why we’ve got lots and lots of different stuff on the embodiment, from boxing, to dance, to HIIT, to yoga,” she continued.

“I’m also going to be more on the ball and professional when I’m at work,” she counted to the publication. “No one ever regrets a workout. I love that quote, ‘the harder I work, the luckier I get’ – and when you start working out and looking after yourself and keeping yourself at an optimum state of health, everything else falls into line.”

“If you have a knock or a wobble, you’ve got the tools that just keep you well equipped to bounce back,” the model concluded.

What kind of diet did Ferne McCann follow?

Ferne McCann doesn’t truly restrict her body from the food it craves and is disciplined in her eating habits in addition to her exercise routine, and it is something she likewise shares with her fans through social media.

Sometimes, you can see what she’s eating on her Instagram posts and stories, like the 430-calorie Kale Caesar Salad from the healthy fast food restaurant Leon.

She even serves as an ambassador for the weight-loss program Herbalife, where she has revealed her story and admitted to using the company’s meal-replacement drinks.

At the time, she stated, “2 weeks of giving birth to my beautiful, baby girl I began my Herbalife journey. After 2 months of consistently taking the products I had lost all of my baby weight & even looked better than before I was pregnant.”

She then presented four different plans that she believed may work and could be purchased separately. One of these is the Formula 1 shake which she consumes for breakfast and lunch, followed by a nutritious, well-balanced dinner.

“I mix my Formula 1 with Protein Drink Mix and water as this helps to reach my protein target and to maintain or gain some lean muscle. I add the Aloe Mango Concentrate to my water throughout the day as this helps to cleanse my digestive system.”

Additionally, she claims that the product’s ability to boost digestive health will help your body achieve greater wellbeing. The Thermo Tea, often known as the “Magic Tea,” comes next.

She explained the following about her overall diet plan: “For me, it’s all about making healthy choices, not starving yourself or denying yourself every day.”

“I try to make healthy choices, but it’s not like I cut out carbs or alcohol or Chinese takeaways completely because they are things that I absolutely love. You have to treat yourself, or else I think you’d be miserable.”

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