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Man Dressed Up As UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Gets Chased by Police


The incident was captured during the match between England and New Zealand Cricket match.

The cricket fans have a divided reaction after they witness a man, dressed as United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson, running through the stands while being chased by a group of police officers.

The event happened at Headingley Cricket Ground in Leeds, England, on day two of the third and final Test between England and New Zealand.

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The viral video has taken the internet by storm and has more than 607 thousand views with 10 thousand likes as of the moment. The video is said that it was a reference to the Partygate scandal, which saw Mr. Johnson become the first sitting Prime Minister to be found to have broken the law.

The viral video shows the cricket fan dressed as Boris Johnson, completing his outfit with a blonde wig, a blue tie, and a white shirt, with a message written on his back, “Please vote Boris 4 No. 10.”

The group of men chasing him turns out was actually his pals who play along by dressing up in police uniforms. It can be heard in the background the divided reaction from the crowd. However, the majority who commented seems not pleased with what they saw in the short clip.

“The offline equivalent of trying to win the internet,” one user wrote, while another user expressed a different opinion, I love British Humour and banter. They can take a joke as a joke. Imaging doing this in India during a cricket match. People will be killed.”

“The worst sort of banter around,” a user quoted. On the other note, there were few who find the video entertaining, quoting “amazing”, “brilliant” and “funny” below the posted clip. Some flooded it with laughing emojis.

Reactions to Man Dressed Up As UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Gets Chased by Police

Imagine being at a cricket match and seeing something worse than cricket

The hours must fly by with these headers.

Horrific patter

screams 'unfunny jaackmaate video'

Hope they catch him 🤪

Absolutely horrendous. The day the banter died.

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