Man Spreading Lewd Photos Of Himself To All Passengers Via AirDrop

Man Spreading Lewd Photos of Himself To All Passengers Via AirDrop_20220628_131033_0000

A TikTok user reprimanded the man, who allegedly spread a sexually explicit photo to all passengers. Kids behind him almost witness a grossly indecent photo.

A video has gone viral after the TikTok user, @DaddyStrange333, exposed the mastermind behind the one spreading the whole flight photos of his penis. DaddyStrange said in the video about being thankful for accepting the airdrop and that they managed to know who was sending it.
It can be seen in the video the man across the aisle wearing a blue shirt is getting reprimanded by the user and a flight attendant for allegedly spreading sexually explicit photos.

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Lawrence Martin from Texas, grossssssss. I saw his ipad had airdrop open so I knew it was him, and yes, i sure did make a scene

♬ original sound – DaddyStrange

The man, DaddyStrange addressed as “Larry,” was seen using his iPad while on airdrop selecting people. “I saw his iPad had airdrop open, so I knew it was him and, yes, I sure did make a scene,” DaddyStrange captioned the original video.

“Why are you doing that?” a flight attendant asked Larry, to which he gave a casual reply, “Just having a little fun.”

“It’s sexual harassment,” DaddyStrange added, “disgusting.”

The mastermind behind the “inappropriate” photos apologized. However, the posted follow-up video regarding the situation said that he quickly went back to viewing the photo a second later–which the TikTok user also mentioned that it was a photo of a woman giving him oral sex.


Tldr: we got airdropped some n00ds and Larry acted like it was a casual Friday on our flight to Denver

♬ original sound – DaddyStrange

“We do think he has a kink,” the woman said.

In the follow-up video, she mentioned that the flight attendant called them and the other seven to eight passengers to meet with the FBI as soon as they landed. The FBI asked for their information, and she said Larry was escorted off the plane.
DaddyStrange said she does not know what happened to Larry after that. However, the agents told her they were trying to book him for the weekend. No other information about his status was added.
The now-viral video garnered over 5.2 million views on TikTok, and the follow-up video, further explaining what happened, has over 970 thousand views. The video posted was filled with funny remarks from other TikTok users, others were concerned that he could do it again in the future.

“Everyone with an iPhone anyways lol. I’m glad I’m an Android guy so I’ll never have to experience something like this,” one user commented. “If he’s comfortable doing these knowing children were on the flight, he’s comfortable with a lot more,” said another user.

Another user expressed that they were glad she speaks up, saying, “So glad you said something.”

“I’m so glad you were loud and didn’t just let it go… and they totally should have confiscated the iPad,” another user wrote.

Other users commended DaddyStranger for doing the job right.

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This bad unzipped cat had no shame when it comes to cockpit terrorizing fellow passengers. #Planespotting


Everyone needs a hobby.


This world is full of desperate sickos.


Android users on the flight were spared


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