Falcon Showcase Incredible Precision During Flight

Falcon Showcase Incredible Precision During Flight_20220629_133356_0001

With the small gap provided, the falcon still manages to demonstrate its incredible precision.

It’s undeniably stunning that whenever birds showcase their inspiring skill, standing in awe is all can do. Like the involvement of the falcon in this video.

The video was posted on Twitter by the user, @buitengebieden, garnering more than 8 million views. It is a breathtaking showcase of falcon’s skill as it flies through between two women with incredible precision.

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The caption goes by saying, “Precision.” The video shows two women standing in front of each other with a small gap and touching each other’s forehead.

The person, seemingly a trainer, directs the falcon into the small gap between the neck of two women, and then it flies past them in slow motion and with great precision to the person guiding it.

The video received praises from people who are amazed by the short clip they watched. Most replies say, “Amazing,” “Wow,” and, “Incredible.” Others flooded the video with emojis of clapping, thumbs up, and star-struck.

Another reply says, “And nobody’s wings got clipped even a little.”

“Never get fed up of this…” said another reply, while the other stated her amazement at nature, “Mother nature never fails to make me smile and respect.”

Reactions to Falcon Showcase Incredible Precision During Flight

Amazing precision!!!


Birdpower 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Stunning bird!






Clever bird!


Attention to detail is everything


Wow wild nature




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