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What Happened on the Last Season of Unforgotten? (S4)

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Unforgotten Season 4 Recap

Episode 1

DS Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) is in charge of the squad while DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) continues to be on medical leave due to the strain of her profession and her breakdown over the evil she saw while looking into a serial killer. Cassie has been coping with the advent of her father’s dementia, which is characterized by irrational mood swings while living with the understanding of John. Cassie must hit her father when he’s in a good mood if she wants to talk to him about his will; he lives with Jenny Ryan, his lover.

The police administration won’t allow Cassie to seek a medical retirement. When her sick leave expires, she will have worked for the company for just three months, less than 30 years required to receive the benefits. Even though she has no desire to go back to work, she will serve out her three months even though she wouldn’t need the money if she didn’t have to worry about her father. And if she works, she will do what she excels at, detective work, not administration.

In addition, Elizabeth Baildon (Susan Lynch) must take care of her ailing parent. Her mother is cared about by a quiet home health aide named Eugenia while she lives alone in Cambridge. Elizabeth rides her bike to visit her mom often, but her mother usually treats her with casual cruelty. Even Eugenia (Mina Andala) admits that Elizabeth’s mother may be challenging when she timidly requests higher wages because she will need to find a new job without them. Elizabeth continues to beg her fiancé that they bring her mother to their upcoming wedding despite their lousy relationship.

Additionally, Dean Barton (Andy Nyman) and his mother appear to have a tumultuous relationship. His Mother’s Day card is relatively brief, but he hides it when his wife enters his home office. She can’t wait to demonstrate to him how much fun their kid, who has developmental disabilities, is having. He hands the card to his office secretary to send.

It appears that Fiona Grayson (Liz White) also has stepchildren or a comparable situation. She looks to be launching a business in the North of England with Geoff, who is married with two kids. She works as a family therapist, a profession for which her upbringing as an orphan may have served as preparation.

Episode 2

One passenger, an Asian male, became adamant in asking for the charge to be dropped the night Robert Fogerty (Bernard Hill) was arrested on a drunk driving charge alongside four recently trained police officers, less than a mile from where Matthew Walsh was last seen. Another, a “decent” female, offered to drive Fogerty’s car home and submit to a breathalyzer test. Still, the traffic officer believed her assertions that she was sober.

Although Cassie and Sunny don’t yet know who these people are, Cassie is so furious about them that Sunny warns her not to let the issue overwhelm her. Later, he cautions her not to look into four potential police officers due to her ire at the police department for not granting her a medical retirement. She explains that she hopes it will be by the book and perhaps exorcise the other cases plaguing her. She wants him to let her know if her fury interferes with the matter.

Not everyone avoids unpleasant conversations or struggles with anger, including Cassie. Ram (Phaldut Sharma) doesn’t want to discuss the potential for a significant health issue with their unborn child. He does have a diversion, though: Ram is allegedly accused of making unwanted sexual approaches to a female temp at the police station where he works as a DCI. When Ram’s employer discloses the complaint, Ram rejects it as racially motivated, claiming Lucy Myers (Kate Jarvis) had flirted with him before making up this narrative after being turned down.

The victim, identified as Matthew Walsh, is verified by a DNA test. Walsh had several convictions and a warrant out for his arrest, and his parents and girlfriend were all drug and alcohol addicts who passed away. A son, Jerome (James Craze), offers a DNA sample, and an elder sibling, Clive (David Schofield), may still be alive. He has contributed to the hunt for Christmas cards sent by Clive in case they have a return address, even though he never saw his father and doesn’t want to get embroiled in the upheaval of his brief existence. Without consulting her commander first, Cassie approves a news statement naming Walsh as the victim.

Liz (Susan Lynch) is so surprised when she sees Walsh’s name on the news that she knocks down and breaks her teacup. Also startled are Dean, Ram, and Fiona. Ram appears to be the most likely culprit for now, though. For whatever reason, a witness whose testimony was never legally obtained claimed to have seen a man running close to Walsh’s last known location with a South Asian man perhaps after him.

Episode 3

There is currently no proof that Matthew Walsh was murdered, although finding his headless, handleless body in a freezer appears very damning. Matthew Walsh’s cause of death is still unknown. Cassie has a gut feeling that four recently qualified officers were involved because they were traveling with Robert Fogerty when he was charged with drunk driving the night Walsh vanished. There is good reason to think that Fogerty is the murderer, given that Walsh’s body was found at Fogerty’s home. Sunny usually follows her instincts, but she advises care because she is angry with the cops and is also aware of that.

Fiona is uneasy and hesitant to speak when Sunny questions her about Fogerty and the night of Walsh’s abduction. Of the trio, she distinctly remembers only Fogerty and Ram. Though she doesn’t recall the event, she developed an alcohol problem while pursuing her training as a police officer. She sought to please her father by following in the footsteps of her father and grandpa, both police officers and turned to alcohol to cope. She couldn’t leave the force or start treating her drinking issue until her father passed away, though a lot of that period is fuzzy. She was formerly a police officer, but Geoff (Daniel Flynn) had no idea.

Walsh was being pursued, according to a witness from the night of his disappearance who has since been located. The observer observed two individuals chasing after Walsh, one the South Asian and the other abnormally tall. Even his name was called out by one.

Episode 4

Dr. Leanne Balcombe (Georgie Mackenzie), a forensic pathologist, had solid information. She only had her defrosted head and hands to work with. However, she could still determine Matthew Walsh’s cause of death: an oversized metal item shooting into his brain. It’s unclear whether it was a murder or an accident. In either case, Walsh had been dismembered and put into a few freezers, making the crime reasonably serious.

Further investigation revealed that the man apparently perished during a chase with the recently deceased coppers Rob Fogarty and Ram Sidhu on an allotment. Who saw Walsh die after falling and hitting his head on something sharp or killed him on purpose. At least such as the current working hypothesis of Cassie and Sunny.

Up to this point, Cassie appeared to be managing her sudden un-retirement rather well. But this week, the fissures grew wider. She and Sunny hurriedly grilled suspect Ram Sidhu to rile up her employers by going after the Hendon Four. Cassie’s partner had advised against it. He kindly remarked, “We need to ease down, boss,” when Sidhu left his interview having, quite correctly, dismissed their evidence as circumstantial.

Our brave detectives might not require a lot of active pressing. All four-not least of all Fiona Grayson-seem to be feeling the weight of their pasts. The seriousness of her past alcoholism is coming to light, and the former PC, which is now a therapist, is beginning to crumble. In addition to being intoxicated on the night in question, she later killed a kid while driving under the influence, which her former colleague Chief Constable Liz Baildon appears to have helped her cover up.

Episode 5

Cassie is more enraged than ever, to the point that she goes to see her father, but Jenny (Janet Dibley) won’t let her in. It’s difficult enough for him to lose his sanity without also losing his daughter, who has turned into an ass, so he steps in and tells her to go home. Cassie’s partner, John, informs her that he believes she is upset over losing.

It certainly appears that Liz jeopardized her job to help a friend. Liz even volunteered for overtime when Fiona’s blood tests, which may have indicated she was driving intoxicated, vanished while working at the police station. Just as the police are due to arrive to speak to her again about Walsh, Liz withdraws her nomination for the chief constable.

She apologizes to her superior if she has humiliated him. She rejects Cassie and Sunny’s arguments during their interview. Still, she is caught in a lie when she claims she hasn’t seen Fiona since the training. Although she admits they had a broken relationship and that she was confused, she denies involvement in Walsh’s disappearance or the loss of the blood samples.

Cassie and Sunny speak with Dean’s mother to learn more. They discovered that Dean had a new name and that his father and two of his three siblings had a history of severe criminal activity. The investigators are informed by Dean’s mother that she hasn’t seen Dean in thirty years. When Dean’s father learned that he had submitted an application to become a police officer, he and his boys beat Dean.

As she opens up about her history, Fiona reveals that she had her own troubles with her father. She read in his diary that he didn’t want to be a police officer either; this made her feel even worse, and she twice attempted suicide. As she continues, the police show up.

Cassie calls her father again, he hasn’t been picking up-asking to speak in person. John has convinced her to reconcile. As she drives home, exhausted, she continually checks her phone for a message from her father. She enters an intersection, and a car smashes into the driver’s side.

Episode 6

The crisis has gripped everyone. After a head-on collision, Cassie’s family members hurry to the hospital to find out how she is doing. Sunny is reassured by the coroner that Cassie is preoccupied and worn out. The car that struck Cassie sped away. Ram is informed by Anna that she has made a choice to keep their Down syndrome-positive child even if Ram ends up in jail.

Cassie undergoes a brain operation. Sunny asks if she would marry him while they are both waiting in the hospital with his partner Sal (Michelle Bonnard). When Ram discovered Walsh, his first impulse was to call an ambulance, regardless of the impact on his brand-new employment. He tells the police as he is being detained. However, he realized immediately that he would be held responsible after observing how everyone viewed him.

Not one of the suspects, but a car thief, struck Cassie. Sunny leaves the hospital after her procedure, eager to tell everyone they have solved the Walsh case. The smile leaves his face when he notices John (Alastair Mackenzie ) morosely walking down the hallway. Cassie won’t make it.

Cassie’s father left the room after telling the family this information. He sat on a bench outside while playing her voicemail repeatedly. She expressed regret, saying that she understood why he modified his will and that she would make an effort to behave better, especially after her employment with the police department was finished in a few weeks. At her hospital bedside, she mentioned the memories he brought to mind and invited him and Jenny out to dinner.

Episode 7 - Season Finale

When Sunny learns about Cassie’s injury, he rushes to the hospital. This scene sets the tone for the entire finale. Her family quickly follows, including her father (Peter Egan), whom she had a fight with just before the accident. Despite Cassie’s poor health, the physicians are cautiously optimistic. Everyone’s the only option right now is to wait till she is finished with surgery and pray for the best.

While Cassie battles for her life, the rest of her crew keeps on. They soon come upon several details that help them clarify the circumstances surrounding Walsh’s slaying. We find out that Walsh died not long after Stephen Barton, (Andy Nyman), was murdered and that Barton has a secret bank account that connects him to Ram Sidhu. Finally, DC Karen Willets (Pippa Nixon) locates Dean’s later brother. The latter was the original owner of the expensive fountain pen discovered in Walsh’s skull.

At first, despite her wounds, it appeared that Cassie may survive. But after the procedure, the medical professionals break the heartbreaking news: She is brain dead. Despite not being entirely unexpected, it nonetheless comes as a stomach punch. A sad scene featuring her father listening to one of his daughter’s last voicemails while sitting on a bench outside the hospital follows.

It is obvious how to hurt him because he could not put things right before she passed away. Soon later, Sunny shows up with a bounce in his step, ready to inform Cassie that they have caught the murderer. But her boyfriend John (Alastair Mackenzie) knows the worst has happened with just one glance.

Sunny gives a eulogy at Cassie’s burial and then plants flowers on her grave as the show closes. He praises her for being a friend and a partner. He claims that her basic goodness “was precious and rare,” he says. “Cass Stuart was my colleague. She was my mentor. She was my friend. And I loved her.”

Unforgotten Quick Facts

  • a British crime drama television series
  • initially aired on ITV on 8 October 2015.
  • created and written by Chris Lang
  • directed by Andy Wilson
  • garnered positive reviews. For the first series, Tom Courtenay won the 2016 BAFTA TV Award for Best Supporting Actor, while for the second season, Mark Bonnar won the 2017 BAFTA Scotland for Best Actor in Television.

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