How Did Angel Strawbridge Lose Weight? Her Exercise and Diet

Fans were shocked over Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss in recent years.

Angel Strawbridge is an English TV personality, author, and entrepreneur. She has been married to a famous British TV personality and a former army officer Dick Strawbridge since 2015. The couple became more prominent after purchasing Château de la Motte-Husson, a Neo-Renaissance-style chateau.

Angel, whose real name is Angel Adoree, is known for conducting tea parties, but over the past years, there has been another reason behind her rising popularity. The 44-year-old media star had undergone weight transformation, in which she shed 33 pounds. Her weight loss made headlines, as well.

Most of her fans were shocked after uploading photos seemingly showing her new physique. Many wondered what methods she followed in order to lose weight. But considering the TV personality’s lifestyle, her weight loss is likely due to eating healthy foods and following certain exercise routines.

Angel Strawbridge's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Angel’s successful weight loss:

  • Her weight loss is due to eating healthy foods and following certain exercise routines
  • She limits her sugar consumption and gave up processed foods
  • She often eats a bowl of salad
  • Her fitness routines include cardio workouts, cycling, and swimming

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What are Angel Strawbridge’s diet plan and workout routine?

One of the first things Angel did to lose weight was limit her sugar consumption. Also, she decided to give up processed food and replace it with fresh and healthy meals. For her lunch and dinner, she usually prepares a bowl of salad.

In addition to salad, Angel enjoys eating chicken or fish for her main dish. She drinks a glass of fresh fruit juice at every meal. These are just some healthy foods the TV personality consumed that helped her lose weight.

Aside from following a healthy diet plan, the entrepreneur also engaged in certain exercise routines. Reportedly, she goes to the gym on a daily basis. She’s doing a lot of cardio workouts, although she also loves cycling and swimming occasionally.

By following a healthy diet and working out in the gym, Angel successfully lost 15 kgs (33 pounds). Per some reports, she currently weighs 65 kgs (143 pounds), whereas she previously weighed around 80 kgs (176 pounds) back then.

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