The Internet Is Won Over By A Couple’s Quirky Dance Steps To iPhone Text Ringtones

The Internet Is Won Over By A Couple's Quirky Dance Steps To iPhone Text Ringtones_20220630_135219_0000

If you own an iPhone, this video will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.

A husband-wife dancer on TikTok, @cost_n_mayor, sure arises the fun with iPhone ringtone dance steps. With their keen and creative dance moves to ringtones, Austin and Marideth Telenko have mesmerized internet users across social media platforms.
Although it’s common practice for folks to set their favorite song as their ringtone so they may dance whenever they get a call, the Telenkos choreographed flawless steps to express the preset tones found on iPhones.

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They posted a series of videos on TikTok with themselves dancing to ringtones, and each has amassed millions of views. Each series is entitled with, “ringtone dances” and volume number. Currently, there are 14 videos of their ringtone choreographed.

Eventually, turns out that the dancing duo made other videos of them dancing which gained millions of views as well, and it’s the result of months of trial and error and the creation of a unique series that captivated viewers throughout the globe on TikTok.

The dancing couples also did a graduation ceremony to mark the milestone. Netizens congratulate them and expressed how they had fun watching their videos.

One user commented on their graduation ceremony post, saying, “Absolutely amazing! What a way to end it!”

“So creative!!! loved this series sooooo much!!” another user wrote, while the other comment says she is not ready for it to end, “I wasn’t ready for this to end.”

Reactions to The Internet Is Won Over By A Couple's Quirky Dance Steps To iPhone Text Ringtones

I wonder if they do the dance moves together in public when they hear the text tones 🥺


this couple on tiktok made little dance moves to all the iphone text tones and im soooooo here for it. i can’t even pick a favorite but they’re all so good 😂😂😂




If you receive a text you now know what to do.




Have heard your ringtones so many times, now see them ...


Texts Tones as Dance Moves is the joy I need these days! Brilliant!


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