Faster Than Flash? Twitter Reacts After Railway Employee Prints Tickets In Seconds

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An Indian railway employee awed many people after watching how he operated the ticket machine at speed.

Unremarkable skills must always be commended for a great job, just like the skill of a railway employee showcasing his speed which amazes social media users.
Everyone has always felt the hassle when buying tickets for train travel; waiting and standing in queues for quite a long minute is already taxing. Thus, railways installed Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM) on several stations in an effort to alleviate the issue.

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In the video, a man was shown collecting money from a passenger, asking about the next passenger’s destination, and then entering the information into the relevant ATVM fields. In a span of 15 seconds, three passengers received tickets from the man, which Twitter users applauded.

The video was posted on Twitter by Mumbai Railway Users and accumulated more than 928 thousand views and 33,000 likes.

 Twitter users were amazed by the speed skill that the employee showcased, hence the replies below praising his skill.

“Good to understand that the railway technology is equally supportive to him,” a user replied below the tweet, while the other, “Looks like he has mastered the skill.”

One user says he is surprised by the fast operating of ATVM, saying, “Surprisingly the ATVM also works so fast.”  Another user commends the employee and says he deserves a reward,“He must be rewarded for his outstanding work.”

Reactions to Faster Than Flash? Twitter Reacts After Railway Employee Prints Tickets In Seconds

When love what u do, U perfect it #Amazing #Inspiration #motivation


Incredible India…


The Hybrid Model of #DigitalTransformation. I sincerely hope that no matter how fast he is, over time people get used to using the kiosk on their own.


Fast delivery better results and optimum utilization of time . @RailMinIndia @WesternRly @AshwiniVaishnaw @DarshanaJardosh


Thing that keeps wondering me is Indian Kiosk (that too in railways) working so fast not the old man.😌


Faster than #railway @RailMinIndia employee.


Highly appreciate the user interface for responding as fast as he clicks 😄


Watch this


Give the Sir a raise 💯💰


I'm impressed by that machine response!! Even my iphone cant handle that much faster response


I want to hire this guy to punch my tickets at Saratoga this year 😂


Hope he from Chennai egmore.


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