What Happened on the Last Season of Pretty Little Liars? (S7)

In the last season of Pretty Little Liars, after stumbling over his axe, Noel kills himself while attacking Hanna and Emily. Below is the season summary.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Recap

Episode 1 - Tick-Tock, Bitches

Hanna puts herself in jeopardy, and Mary Drake saves her. The Liars begin to doubt Elliott after Alison phones Emily (Shay Mitchell) to discuss her current state. After Hanna confesses her affections to Caleb, Spencer Hastings(Troian Bellisario) and Caleb’s relationship is in trouble. After Aria breaks up with him, Liam (Roberto Aguire) erupts on Ezra while working with him and Ezra on their book. After breaking off her engagement to Jordan (David Coussins), Hanna agrees to work with Lucas (Brendan Robinson) to establish a fashion business.

Episode 2 - Bedlam

The gang observes Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) enter the police station as they look for Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson). They discover who she is and that she has just taken ownership of the Lost Woods Resort. “Uber A,” tells the girls they have 24 hours to turn up Charlotte’s (Vanessa Ray) actual killer, or Hanna will die after deceiving them with a doll constructed to seem like a dead Hanna. The Liars and the others openly state that they think Alison (Sasha Pieterse) killed Charlotte Dilaurentis, so they look for evidence. While searching Alison’s home, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) almost get caught by Elliott (Huw Collins).

Alison appears to admit to Emily at the mental health facility while under the influence of drugs that she killed Charlotte. Emily discovers the jacket at Alison’s home after Aria remembers seeing someone with a red coat pursue Charlotte the night she was killed. To save Hanna, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) provides “Uber A” with the evidence. “Uber A” imprisons Hanna, but she manages to get away. She does, however, later meet Mary. Alison learns Elliott’s secret because he wants to get even with her for killing Charlotte.

Episode 3 - The Talented Mr. Rollins

As Emily puts the puzzle pieces together, she realizes that Elliott and Mary might be collaborating. Yvonne (Kara Royster) and Toby (Keegan Allen) become engaged. Because Spencer believes Caleb still has feelings for Hanna, she considers ending their relationship. Sabrina (Lulu Brud) learns the truth about Emily’s sentiments.

The relationship between Elliott and Charlotte is revealed to Aria Montgomery and Hanna. Alison is being threatened by Uber A, so The Liars try to get her out of the mental hospital. Meanwhile, Alison tries to elude Rollins as he pursues her through the woods, where a disoriented Hanna strikes her with her car.

Episode 4 - Hit and Run, Run, Run

The Liars murder Rollins, bury his body, and attempt to conceal his passing. Still, in doing so, they exacerbate their sexual relationships. Alison ultimately tells the truth about the night Charlotte died at the mental health facility. She had followed Charlotte into the church, and they had battled about Elliott before Alison departed just before Charlotte was murdered.

For better or worse, Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) steps in with a cover-up scheme to assist the females. At The Radley, Spencer encounters Marco Furey (Nicholas Gonzalez), with whom he almost had a sexual encounter. When Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok) returns to Rosewood, it is clear that she is connected to Elliott, whose real name is Archer.

Episode 5 - Along Comes Mary

Because of her friendship with Sara Harvey (Dre Davis), Jenna is the main suspect on the “Uber A” list. Mary Drake is assigned to keep an eye on Alison, and she learns that Archer stole all of her money. Hanna is asked to assist Spencer in the search for Caleb. Later, when seeing Toby in the police station to learn more about Caleb’s abduction, she runs into Marco. He turns out to be a detective.

Archer Dunhill’s hidden residence is found by Aria and Emily, who believes he is “A.D.” With a note from “Uber A” stating that her pals handed them the red jacket, Ali gets her red coat back. While Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) meets up with Sara and Jenna, Ezra pops the question to Aria.

Episode 6 - Wanted: Dead or Alive

Rosewood Police Dept. start to wonder about Elliott’s disappearance and considers the idea that he might be dead. Hanna is torn about whether or not to tell the police the truth due to the investigation, which causes the Liars to doubt Elliott’s murder altogether. Spencer clarifies their kiss in the Radley elevator during a conversation with Marco.

Aria rejects Ezra’s proposal after Elliott’s murder, and Ezra and Aria now have relationship problems. When Emily questions why Sara and Jenna are working together, she learns that Charlotte used Jenna’s assistance to track out her biological mother. Archer disguises as Elliott Rollins to meet Ali and take advantage of her good intentions to secure her eventual release.

At long last, Spencer and Caleb discuss their relationship and break up. Attacking Alison at her home while wearing a mask is “A.D.” Ezra re-proposes to Aria after hearing everything she said, and this time she accepts. At The Radley, Sara is killed by an enigmatic stranger, and her body is found in a bathtub.

Episode 7 - Original G'A'ngsters

To prevent Alison from getting too close to Mary, Jason returns to Rosewood. When the girls learn that Noel Kahn broke into Toby’s home to take Mary’s Radley file, they become concerned about his behavior. The Liars know additional details about Mary and Jessica Dilaurentis. This leads them to Carol Ward’s secret cellar, where they learn that Jessica (Andrea Parker) kept records of them and that Mary had a second child while she was at Radley. They start to suspect that this child, Alison’s cousin, may be hiding behind the “A.D.” disguise and seeking retribution for something.

After the girls go, the cellar blows up, and someone scrawls “I see you” on the back window of their vehicle. Before their departure, the FBI approaches Ezra and informs him that Nicole (Rebecca Breeds) might still be alive. Ezra and Aria (Lucy Hale) then decide to elope in Italy. In the final scene of “A.D.,” “A.D.” steals the files about Aria and Noel. He then burns the Noel file by lighting a match on a wax figure’s face and pouring Irish whiskey over it.

Episode 8 - Exes and OMGs

Emily learns that Paige (Lindsey Shaw) has moved back to Rosewood and is also applying for the position after obtaining a job offer as the swim coach at Rosewood High. Mrs. Grunwald (Meg Foster) pays a visit to Hanna and cautions her about Noel. Alison returns to work at Rosewood High in the meanwhile. Still, she finds it challenging after one of her pupils pulls a practical joke on her.

After confessing to Ezra that she had deleted a call from Nicole’s phone, Aria struggles with their connection. Later, with Spencer, she seeks clarification from the physician who delivered Mary’s child. Aria purchases a plane ticket for him to keep Ezra abreast of Nicole’s latest developments, postponing their nuptials. Hanna goes rogue and tries to work alone in an unidentified plot to try and find out who “A.D.” is after not receiving any assistance from the Liars.

Episode 9 - The Wrath of Kahn

When the usual investigative techniques don’t work, Hanna becomes enraged. She eventually tries to negotiate with Noel Kahn and subtly drugs him to get him to confess; nonetheless, her primary purpose is unsuccessful. While her relationship with Sabrina deteriorates, Emily seeks solace from Paige. When Jason and Aria dig more into Mary’s past, they discover that Steven Kahn, the father of Noel and Eric, organized the adoption of Mary’s second child.

Ezra informs Aria that Nicole is still unaccounted for. Spencer and Emily learn that Charlotte and Noel conspired to abuse the girls in the dollhouse. Still, after someone enters Spencer’s home, the films are taken. In the end, Hanna knocks Noel out from behind after trying vainly to drug him.

Episode 10 - The DArkest Knight

Along with Rosewood P.D., The Liars, Alison, Mona, and Caleb collaborate. To locate Hanna. Paige and Emily are still mending their bond. Emily learns that Alison is pregnant. Toby Cavanaugh and Yvonne are about to leave Rosewood, and Spencer discovers. Nicole’s survival is found by Aria. After escaping, Noel takes the Liars to an abandoned school for the blind, where Jenna pulls a gun and joins Noel in an attempt to kill the Liars.

Noel accidentally kills himself while attacking Hanna and Emily after tripping over his axe. Then Jenna fires at the liars and captures Spencer. When Mary Drake knocks Jenna down and reveals that she is Spencer’s biological mother, Jenna has cornered her and is about to put her to death. As they leave the city, Toby and Yvonne are involved in an automobile accident.

Episode 11 - Playtime

Toby is healthy one week after the events of the last episode, but Yvonne is still unconscious. At the same time, Spencer has made a full recovery. When Ezra arrives, he admits that he hasn’t told Nicole about his and Aria’s impending nuptials. Mona assists Hanna in reentering the fashion industry now that she and Caleb have reconciled. Paige gets promoted to athletics director at Rosewood High, while Emily is named head coach of the varsity swimming team.

The Liars receive an interactive board game from “A.D.” that features miniatures of the Liars and a map of Rosewood’s famous locations. After finishing the game, Spencer gets a letter from Mary and a component for the puzzle. When Hanna tries to ruin the game, a video reveals that “A.D.” knows they killed Rollins.

Episode 12 - These Boots Were Made for Stalking

The Liars debate how to handle the board game. Emily walks away after declining to play. Aria discovers that Nicole and Ezra may have been engaged before Nicole vanished and throughout their new relationship. In the meantime, Emily conflicts with Addison Derringer (Ava Allan), a classmate who hates her. Spencer shows Marco the letter Mary Drake‘s mother wrote to her before she was born at Radley and urged him to find Mary Drake.

After hiding out, Jenna emerges and says Charlotte left her money for Jenna’s eye surgery. Additionally, she claims that Noel wanted it, threatened Jenna, and killed Sara. Paige gets in the way when Emily confronts Addison and admits that Addison sent a gloating email to a friend about how she planned to get rid of Emily.

Episode 13 - Hold Your Piece

Hanna is compelled to update Caleb on recent developments since she is convinced Jenna is to blame for a current career setback. Aria and Emily work together to look into Sydney to learn more about Jenna and her relationship with “A.D.” They catch her paying a deposit for a procedure for Jenna and later know that she is employed by “A.D.” When they approach Sydney, she argues that “A.D.” is just an anonymous client and that she is simply being paid off by Jenna for her assistance with the blind school.

However, before Sydney (Chloe Bridges) leaves, Aria hides a tracking device in her suitcase. Spencer and Detective Furey become increasingly intimate. Aria struggles with her current relationship with Ezra. Hanna’s turn at the game is quite intense and has surprising outcomes.

Episode 14 - Power Play

Ali’s turn at the game compels her to take the severe step of having an abortion. Still, she is haunted by the memory of the day she was in the psychiatric hospital and brought into an operating room when “A.D” appears. When Alison realizes Emily is the mother of her kid, she is frightened to recall that Emily’s donated eggs were put within her uterus.

Spencer finally speaks with her father about his previous transgressions and whereabouts. While learning the reality about Ali’s pregnancy, Emily manages her job at Rosewood High with both Ali and Paige. Paige considers leaving Rosewood but ultimately chooses against it, leading to the renewal of her relationship with Emily.

After Nicole’s arrival, Aria hasn’t stopped worrying about the future of her relationship with Ezra and gets angry when “A.D.” makes fun of her. Hanna and Spencer run across Pastor Ted (Edward Kerr) while looking for Mary because they are looking for answers from her. Pastor Ted eventually admits that he is Charlotte’s biological father. He also says that Charlotte had known Lucas since they were little. Aria learns that Sydney is a member of the A-Team and works with “A.D.” in the interim. Aria is given the option to join the A-Team by Sydney and “A.D.”

Episode 15 - In the Eye Abides the Heart

Aria provides information to them regarding the Liars‘ findings after being threatened by “A.D.” When they first met, Detective Furey bought cocktails on Archer’s credit card. Now she’s a suspect in Archer’s death, Detective Furey reveals to Spencer. After some debate, Ezra decides to abandon Nicole for Aria. At the same time, Emily counsels Ali to keep her baby instead of having an abortion and raising it.

Paige learns Emily will assist Alison in raising her child. After years of hatred, Paige and Alison talk about Emily that evening. Paige permanently leaves Rosewood and Emily after realizing that Emily is in love with Alison.

After learning of Lucas’ relationship with Charles (Charlotte Drake), Hanna sets out to demonstrate his innocence. When the Liars find a comic book co-written by Lucas and Charles, they find out that it resembles the “A” game. They find further evidence that he is “A.D.” Mona is informed about the game. Hanna tries to persuade her to lend a hand. In the meantime, “A.D.” assigns Aria to get the comic book for them in exchange for giving her the official “A” outfit.

Episode 16 - The Glove That Rocks the Cradle

Spencer breaks into Marco’s apartment and takes a flush drive containing information about Lucas’ police-reported alibi the night Archer was slain. Aria is sent by “A.D.” to wreck Alison and Emily’s nursery. “A.D.” orders Hanna to pick up something from the computer repair business and bring it to Rosewood High School during her turn at the game. Lucas confronts the Liars and admits that he was unaware that Charlotte was “A” or that Charles and Charlotte were the same people.

There is a second comic book that shows revenge as a game. After a scheme to ruin the nursery, Aria sobs in regret. In the meantime, Caleb and Hanna bring the hard disk Hanna found back to Lucas’ loft. A Patsy Cline song can be heard in the audio file. According to Hanna, “A” reportedly played a different Patsy song in the dollhouse. Alison finally tells Emily how she feels.

Episode 17 - Driving Miss Crazy

In response to Mona’s advancement in the game, Emily grudgingly joins forces with her to look into the surgeon who conducted Ali’s operation. When Ashley Marin (Laura Leighton) returns to Rosewood to check on Hanna, she questions Caleb about his plans for her daughter. Caleb replies that he wants to marry Hanna, and the two get engaged.

When “A.D.” instructs Aria to give a gift to the Hastings family, Spencer is left more bewildered than ever about who to believe. That includes an audio recording of Peter and Mary discussing Jessica’s murder. In addition, “A.D.schemes” drive Aria to experience a horrific nightmare. Ezra senses Aria’s attitude change and worries that he may have lost her.

Episode 18 - Choose or Lose

Search warrants have been delivered to the homes of the Liars. When Spencer visits the police station, she learns Detective Tanner (Roma Maffia) is now looking into the matter. The Liars receive a phone with a timer and the words “Choose or Lose” on it. Ashley serves as the witness for the courthouse wedding of Caleb and Hanna.

The cell tower where the gaming phone has been sending signals is located by Caleb and Ezra. They later learn that the signs are coming from Mona’s residence. Just as a police cruiser approaches her to confront her, Aria realizes Archer’s body is in her car trunk as she drives off to locate Spencer.

Episode 19 - Farewell, My Lovely

Caleb informs the Liars that Mona has the board game. They assume she is “A.D.” Spencer and Mary meet at the Lost Woods Resort, where Mary offers Spencer ownership of the structure. According to Mona, Charlotte never recovered and intended to continue the A-game. Though she never intended to follow through on her threat to shove Charlotte out the window, she confronted Charlotte.

The remaining two jigsaw pieces await Hanna, Caleb, and Spencer when they return with Mona to their vehicle. The two last pieces of the puzzle are later assembled by the Liars in a room at the Lost Woods. The game says, “Congratulations. Claim the grand prize,” which is an image of Archer after all the pieces are in place. A man may be seen approaching Aunt Carol’s house in augmented reality.

Tanner takes the Liars into custody at Aunt Carol’s, the location of Archer’s body. Mary tells a lie and admits to killing Archer and Jessica, shielding the Liars from being charged with murder. Mona confesses that Charlotte assaulted her after she stopped threatening her. During the battle, Mona accidentally killed Charlotte out of self-defense.

Episode 20 - Till Death Do Us Part

A year later, Alison and Emily have twin children, Grace (Taytum Fisher) and Lily (Oakley Fisher). At the same time, Aria and Ezra get ready for their wedding. However, Alison soon pops the question to Emily, who says yes. Before the wedding, Ezra vanishes, and Aria grows upset that he abandoned her after learning she was pregnant. On the other hand, Mona, who works for A.D., kidnaps Spencer and carries him to a bunker.

A.D. is revealed to be Alex Drake (Diego Boneta), Spencer’s identical twin sister. She met Wren (Julian Morris) before meeting Charlotte, with whom she had a close relationship. She returned to Rosewood when Charlotte passed away. Still, she soon grew envious of her sister’s happiness and pretended to be Spencer while threatening to exact revenge. It is revealed that Wren was the father of Alison’s twins and that Alex killed him after he tried to foil her plan.

After finding Ezra and Spencer with the aid of Mona, the party manages to get away from an axe-wielding Alex. Alex is captured along with Mary after trying to convince Toby that she is Spencer. The Liars assemble one more time before Aria departs for her marriage, revealing that Mona kept Alex and Mary in her own dollhouse. The story comes to a close when Addison’s friends discover she has vanished when they are having a sleepover in Rosewood.

Pretty Little Liars Quick Facts

  • an American teen drama mystery thriller television series
  • developed by I. Marlene King
  • based on the novel series of the same name written by Sara Shepard
  • premiered on June 8, 2010, on Freeform
  • concluded on June 27, 2017
  • originally created by book packaging business Alloy Entertainment as a television series
  • in October 2009, ABC Family started the casting process for a Pretty Little Liars television pilot
  • have two spin-offs: Ravenswood and Pretty Little Liars

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