How Did Billie Faiers Lose Weight? Special Diet

Billie Faiers shared how she lost weight for her wedding.

TV personality Billie Faiers tied the knot with businessman Greg Shepherd in the Maldives in 2019. Over the past years, the Mummy Diaries star has been known to sport a fit figure. But after her wedding, she shared many honeymoon photos, indicating that she worked harder to hone her curves.

The mother of Nelly and Arthur is open when it comes to her fitness journey. She revealed the methods that she followed to lose weight. In an interview with the Sun, The Only Way Is Essex star shared what helped her get a 26-inch waist.

“I’ve always been about a 27-inch waist, but recently I lost a bit of weight, and last time I measured, I was 26 inches”, the reality star said. “This will sound weird, but I’ve got a hula hoop indoors, I’m really good at hula hooping, and it’s great for your waist.”

Besides hula hooping, Billie also found other workout regimes that worked well for her. Although she doesn’t like going to the gym, she still managed to tone her legs, arms, and belly by doing regular squats around the house and sit-ups.

“I also run up and down my stairs about 200 times a day for Nelly, I just think I’ve been lucky because I stay really active with her,” she added. “In one way, she’s exhausting, some children are a lot more chilled out, but it’s done me a favor as it’s helped me keep my weight off.”

When it comes to her diet, the Mummy Diaries star revealed she did undergo a juice diet to get her feeling her best. The media star said she did a three-day juice detox before her hen-do in Ibiza in 2018. She clarified that she “didn’t just juice, as she still ate with it.”

But, Billie revealed the main reason why she managed to lose weight – cutting down on booze. The TOWIE star said that she was eating all the time and drinking booze before she had children. And while she still enjoys a few drinks, it is now “nothing like what she used to.”

Billie Faiers' Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Billie’s successful weight loss:

  • She did hula hoops to work on her waist
  • She does regular squats and sit-ups to tone her legs, arms, and belly
  • She avoided drinking alcohol
  • She tried diet called DNAFit

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Billie Faiers tried a particular diet to lose weight after being targeted by social media trolls.

In 2013, unflattering photos of Billie wearing a bikini surfaced on social media. At the time, she had been sunbathing and partying in Las Vegas. She became a target for Twitter trolls, who shamed her size 12, 9st 11lb figure and called her “fat.”

“When I put on weight, it goes straight to my thighs, belly, and boobs,” Billie explained via Mirror. “It goes to all the worst places and, because I’m not very tall, I have to be really careful because in certain clothes I can look small and dumpy.”

The TV personality said that the comments on Twitter were hurtful, leading her to wonder whether everyone thinks that way about her. Yet, those comments were also a wake-up call for her. She didn’t want to be the target of trolls again, so she embarked on a weight loss journey.

Reportedly, Billie tried the new diet, DNAFit, to lose weight, and she lost 3 stone (42 pounds) after three months. The method uses a person’s genes to identify what food they should be eating to maintain a healthy weight and what workout regime suits their individual genetic make-up.

“First of all, I was a bit like, ‘DNA?!’ That sounds like something off Jeremy Kyle, all that ‘Who’s the daddy?’ stuff,” Billie shared. “But then they explained how it works to me, and when I got my DNA test results back, it really made sense.

For the media star, her body type required her to do 100 percent endurance exercise. Instead of intense weight sessions and sit-ups, she had to run on the treadmill for half an hour, do squats, do yoga, and do Pilates. For her diet plan, she avoided ‘bad’ carbs like white bread, rice, and potatoes.

“I literally started seeing results in three to four weeks. I’ve been able to maintain it as well,” Billie noted.

How did the diet help Billie Faiers to lose weight?

The media personality registered with DNA fit and sent a swab she swiped on the inside of her cheek to collect DNA and posted it back. After two weeks, she received the results, along with her personalized gym and diet program.

Billie explained the program gave her an outline of what foods she should be eating and what she shouldn’t. She had to consume three small meals and two snacks for her meal plan. She switched from bread and crisps to tuna salad wrap and a handful of nuts.

“Another new thing for me was to eat little and often, so I have five smaller meals every day rather than three big ones. Because I release energy really slowly, it’s better to graze during the day, and it means I’m not starving hungry and tempted to run out and get a McDonald’s cheeseburger,” she explained.

For her exercise, Billie followed a routine three times a week. She uses the treadmill and cross trainer, followed by squats and lunges with hand weights. After four weeks into DNA fit, the TOWIE star had seen a change, noting her “face and legs are more defined,” and she likes her “stomach and upper arms now.”

The plan also gave her a lot of energy, and she began to enjoy exercising. Moreover, she and her sister, Sam Faiers, became gym buddies. They started training together, and Billie said they motivate each other, saying, “it is good because it’s exactly what they both need.”

Billie Faiers said she'll never discuss weight in front of her kids.

The TV personality was forced to drop out of ITV’s Dancing On Ice in 2021. The decision came after she suffered a dangerous head injury during rehearsals with skating partner Mark Hanretty. She admitted that the weeks of “grueling practice” are “now reversing.”

Despite that, Billie still felt motivated to ramp up her fitness routine, but she made it clear that she would not talk about weight in front of her kids, especially her daughter, Nelly. She told Closer that they don’t discuss body hang-ups or diets in the house.

“Nelly sometimes sees me eating something healthy and asks, ‘Mummy, are you on that diet?’, so I know she just thinks a diet is a type of food!”

The media star shared that she never says she “looks fat in front of her kids” because her mother never liked that with them when she was young. Rather than focusing on weight, Billie wanted to teach her children the importance of being healthy.

“So it’s more, ‘You have to brush your teeth after this, or, ‘You’ve eaten a lot of sweets today’ – it’s about their health over anything to do with weight.”

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